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Anyone who thinks David Cameron is a conservative is in denial;

“Alcohol will be sold with a minimum price to deter binge drinking under plans ordered by David Cameron. The Prime Minister has demanded that each unit of alcohol be sold for no less than 40p to 50p in Britain’s supermarkets. The proposals, which Mr Cameron wants included in an alcohol strategy paper to be published in February, will cost drinkers £700million a year.”

Cameron is fooling himself if he thinks that jacking up the price of a bottle of Buckfast or WKD will deter the appalling drinking habits of some people.  Does he REALLY think that they will suddenly adopt a more sober lifestyle just because the State imposes draconian price structures? Nonsense.

Perhaps 24 hour 7 day a week availability to booze has an impact? Perhaps having a culture that almost luxuriates in the drunken boorism of celebrities has an impact? Perhaps having alcoholic drinks contrived to be sweet as pop and aimed at young people has an impact?

The State interfers with the pricing in the free market at its peril. But at least this shows that Cameron is a Nanny Stater at heart. I’ll drink to that.

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6 thoughts on “MORE NANNY STATISM

  1. It’s just another government ploy that is totally non-effective, except it gives the over-paid under-worked politicians brag ammo when they go out to get re-elected”.

    The Irish decided that selling booze on weekdays at 8:00 AM was the cause of all the 12-years olds binge drinking in the local parks at 3:00 AM. ……………….DUH!

    So they proceeded to change the sales hours to 10:30 AM.

    That did as much good as banning the sale of slash-hooks to knackers and meat cleavers to Chinese tong-member immigrants.

    The little brats are still swilling cider, lager and Vodka like it’s water.

    Actually, that might be Mother Nature’s way of knocking the little bastards off before they can reproduce.

    I live in hope!

  2. “The proposals, which Mr Cameron wants included in an alcohol strategy paper to be published in February …”

    Great, a ‘strategy paper’, proof that the bureaucracy came up with it. I’m sure society is on its way to being mended.

  3. Correct Fews.

    It can’t be right that some beers are cheaper than bottled water in supermarkets.

  4. As I’ve said, the problem does not lie with the price of beer.

    The problem lies with the fact that many Brits don’t know how to drink. Beer is widely available in Italy and France, and those continentals do not binge drink because they know how to eat and drink, while many Brits don’t have the slightest idea of how to do either.

    Even the Americans don’t binge drink like the Brits do. And beer is ALWAYS discounted in our supermarkets here.

    Address the bad aspects of your culture and you’ll get somewhere. Increasing the price penalizes the responsible drinker and will not deter the wild drinkers. You can double the price of beer and they will still buy it.

    Bad solution to a real problem.

    Yuppie water from France is a stupidity tax on those who buy it. It cannot be compared with the sublimest of all beverages.

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