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I went shopping in Manchester yesterday (I have to make the most of it because I won’t be going when the congestion charge comes in).  Those familiar with Manchester will know the route I am about to describe.

I entered the city centre from the Cheetham Hill end.  I drove past the CIS tower to the traffic lights where you turn right for the car park next to Shudehill bus station.  Suddenly a load of soapy water was thrown on to my windscreen.  I looked out of the driver’s window to see a Romanian/Bulgarian gypsy with a Lucozade bottle full of soap suds and a pulex (the thing that looks like a hand-held windscreen wiper).  She began to clean my windscreen.  I hadn’t asked her to and, in fact, I told her to stop.  When she ignored me I said I wouldn’t pay her for something I hadn’t asked for.  However, when she had finished she started to get verbal and demand money.  At this point a reply along the lines of ‘go forth and multiply and get back to where you bloody well came from’ was the order of the day.  Is this another example of ‘immigration benefiting Britain’, Messrs Brown and Blair?  Oh these great East European immigrants, don’t ya just love ’em?

Let’s cut to the chase.  The cities of this country are now packed to the rafters with immigrants – many of them undesirable and totally superfluous to the economic and social well-being of this country.  It is all very well to say a person’s colour or ethnic background doesn’t make them less British.  When you have a modest amount of ethnic diversity in a country that point of view is spot on.  However, when you have a situation where the social and demographic atmosphere of a nation is assaulted by mass immigration and multi-ethnicity, everybody becomes ‘less British’ because there is ‘less of a Britain’ to identify with.

Manchester yesterday was full: Chinese, Africans, Polish, Muzzas…you name it. To see a member of the indigenous population was like a breath of fresh air.  As David Conway points out, we have never seen immigration the likes of what this government has unleashed.  I am, frankly, of the view that Blair and Brown should face treason charges for the ethnic bastardisation they have inflicted on this once great nation.  Some respondents are even of the view that mass immigration is more likely to make political change for the Left more achievable through prolonged periods of Labour government.  Who’s to say they are wrong?  I would put no lesson in scumbaggery beyond the talents of this lot!

On a brighter note I do not see the 2073 prediction coming true.  I think there will be a backlash of cataclysmic proportions long before the political descendants of Tone and Gordy can fulfil their Leftist ethno-demographic wet dream.  It still doesn’t detract from the fact we are now in unchartered waters as far as immigration is concerned.  Instead of castigating people for voting for the BNP, I think government ministers should look at the role their own actions have played in this sorry situation.

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