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It’s the pathetic dhimmitude that one has come to expect from the Obama regime;

First the Pentagon hosts the 9/11 imam. Then the Marines open a mosque at Quantico. Now the Army’s letting JROTC cadets wear the hijab. What next?

In a letter to a Muslim group sent on Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s behalf, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Larry Stubblefield said the Army will now let Muslims in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps wear the Islamic headscarf during training and parade formations.

“Based on your concerns, the Army has reviewed its JROTC uniform policy and will develop appropriate procedures to provide cadets the opportunity to request the wear of religious head dress, such as the turban and hijab,” Stubblefield wrote. “The Army prides itself in being a diverse organization, comprised of individuals from many faiths and religions. We appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention.”

The group who filed the complaint? The Council on American-Islamic Relations, the same one the Justice Department implicated in a scheme to raise millions for terrorists in America. CAIR is so shady the IRS recently revoked its nonprofit status for failing to disclose funding sources for the past three years in violation of federal law. It’s so dirty FBI Director Robert Mueller recently testified he refuses to do outreach with it.

So why are we taking policy cues from a group former Pentagon intelligence chief Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin calls a “dangerous front” for the radical Muslim Brotherhood, which he says is trying to infiltrate and sabotage the U.S. government and military from within?

Why indeed? It strikes me that after four years of Obama, the US has become weaker, much more inclined to appease Islam. We saw it at Fortd Hood and we keep seeing it.   The image of Hijab wearing cadets should strike fear into every thinking American. It seems to inspire Obama.

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18 thoughts on “ALL AMERICAN HIJAB…

  1. David, the US Military already makes exceptions for other religions. Sikh soldiers are exempt from cutting their hair or shaving and are allowed to wear their turban. They allow Jewish soldiers to wear the skullcaps. So banning Muslims from wearing articles essential to their faith would not only by wrong but probably illegal as it would be nothing short of discrimination. Either a blanket ban on all religious exceptions or you have to allow all of them to do it.

  2. “Either a blanket ban on all religious exceptions or you have to allow all of them to do it.”

    Not necessarly. There are nudists in the army. Are they allowed to run around in the buff?

    Besides, no matter how many times or ways you define “religion”, Islam doesn’t fit any one of them.

    Islam is an ideology.

  3. If reasonable accomodations for Junior ROTC uniforms are supposed to strike fear in us then we are truly lost. Accomodations are made for other faiths (Sikhs, Jewish cadets) exist so I see nothing wrong whatsoever in changing this policy to alow for Muslim students who wish to participate in the program.

    And the charge against Obama on appeasing Islam doesn’t pass the laugh meter. He’s increased operations in Afghanistan, ordered the raid that resulted in the death of OBL, and participated in the takeout of Libya’s strongman.

  4. ‘He’s increased operations in Afghanistan, ordered the raid that resulted in the death of OBL, and participated in the takeout of Libya’s strongman.’

    Oh deary me! – so unusual to see you clutching so feebly at straws…

  5. David – Junior ROTC don’t go into battle. It is a service organization for young people.

  6. Mahons,

    The first one, – all rather dubious especially as the Taliban is reputed to be stronge than ever.

    The second one, – probably did Islam a big favour in clearing out the trash, and was done more to curry favour at home than anywhere else.

    The third one, – taking out Libya’s ‘strongman’, was more of a boon to the fanatic Islamic element than anything else. It certainly seems to have made way for the extremists to thrive, which was probably Obamas original intention.

    The man is a total fraud, and probably the worst President of all time…

  7. Ernest – What is dubious about increased manpower and attacks? Does appeasement mean increased use of military forces against an enemy? I am pretty sure it doesn’t.

    The death of OBL was a favor to Islam, by ending the career and life of its best known proponent of radical Islamic terror? And it was done merely to curry favor at home? Why didn’t Bush think of that?

    Wonderful how Obama orchestrated the Libyan revolution, except he didn’t.

    Look, if you ask me he is a mediocre President, but the ongoign theme that he appeases Islam is a broken record here, and broken upon factual evidence.

  8. more Obama appeasement

    President Obama signed a defense spending bill on Saturday, which includes the new sanctions. It also has a national security waiver, allowing the president to withhold the sanctions if they are deemed to cause the price of oil to rise.

    Singh continued “I think maybe you’ll see some symbolic sanctions. Maybe you’ll see some smaller measures. But are you likely to see big sanctions against Iran’s main oil customers? It seems unlikely given that waiver provision that’s in there.”

  9. David – Junior ROTC don’t go into battle. It is a service organization for young people.

    Don’t go interjecting facts into a good rant.

  10. Fewsorange – I have reached the conclusion (after only several years of poking pins into the balloons of the right wing recycled stories here) that facts are immaterial to a particular headline/rant. Call me a late bloomer.

  11. Mahons – what leads you to believe that Gaddafi was actually killed? I have no doubt that he was murdered but what clinches it for you and kills off any nonsensical ‘conspiracy’?

  12. Allan – What leads me to believe Gaddaffi was actually killed?

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

  13. Mahons

    “So as these patriotic JROTC cadets progress, can we expect that Muslims at West Point will be allowed to wear a hijab? Would we be surprised that portable GI-issue footbaths and halal MRE’s are next on CAIR’s list of demands? Will the Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard now have to change their uniform requirements?”

    cair – reassuringly patriotic, right?

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2011/12/dod_celebrating_diversity_with_hijab.html#ixzz1iQwUvwfm


    Never let delusional get in the way of nauseating dhimmitude, right?

  14. David – who are you to suggest these students are not patriotic? I always assumed people who wanted to participate in these programs and serve in the military are patriotic.

    This accomodation does not involve a change in regulations as the Department of Defense regulations permit the wearing of a yarmulke for instance when combat headgear is not required. West Point may have stricter regulations as to appropriate dress, I don’t know. There is certainly a lovely chapel there which overlooks the Hudson River. I presume there are facilities for the Muslim cadets, which is appropriate.

    I don’t judge all Muslims by the people in CAIR, just as I don’t judge all people from NI by the Orange Order.

  15. No seriously Mahons – Gadaffi is certainly dead so what clinched that for you? What proof that Gadaffi was dead was sufficient for you, as a trained lawyer, to concur with the mainstream media that he is dead? There’s no doubt that he’s dead, so what did it for you?

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