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Rick Perry (R-Bedlam) wants to send American troops back into Iraq.

Good grief.


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  1. Pete

    I know your not ‘down wiv da yoof’ so much nowadays, but I would guess even you would know Russell Brand’s wife !

  2. I didn’t know he was married.


    Right, so I’ve googled Katy Perry and she’s a sort, no doubt. I see she’s “an American singer, songwriter and actress.” Not in anything I’ve ever seen or heard.

    She’s a nice bit of crumpet though.

  3. Perry says
    “He could have renegotiated that time frame. I think it is a huge error for us.”

    The huge error was going in in the first place, and frankly no matter how long the Yanks had stayed in Iraq, when they left you would have the same problem.

  4. Serious point.

    There will be another oil anti-terrorist war this year. Iran is the obvious target.

    Watch for oil to hit $250 a barrel. And worldwide slump.

  5. I would think that future trends will be towards more surgical strikes, using highly skilled teams and smart weapons. Which if true will raise an interesting problem in terms of overall troop numbers – they probably won’t need so many.
    As the Americans are reducing troop numbers in Europe, they may start concentrating more on home/border defences.

  6. Pete

    I’m beginning to think you really did not know who Katy Perry was. She came to fame a couple of years ago with a lesbian themed song called “I kissed a girl” – I bet you’ll you tube that 😉

  7. There is no way that Iran can be stopped from getting nuclear weapons without a ground attack on the facilities. Maybe not a full war, but definitely more than bombs and missile strikes.

  8. I think the Yanks got it right in the first Gulf War.
    Go in, remove problem and get out again. They got a lot of respect for that.
    Regarding Iran, the people will resent American/Allied troops on Iranian soil.They are a proud people and they will rally to their flag.
    Better to infiltrate and sabotage and use coordinated surgical air/missile strikes.

  9. Colm –

    Consider it tubed. For proof of that, I give you a lyric about “liking the taste of her chapstick”. I am scandalised yet intrigued.

    Sincerely, I have never heard that ditty before. If I have, may the mighty Gunners never win another game, and I don’t say that lightly.

    I see this thread is flipping between Iraq, Iran and Katy Perry. I claim this as a blogosphere first.

  10. I think the Yanks got it right in the first Gulf War. Go in, remove problem and get out again. They got a lot of respect for that.

    Rubbish. They left Sadaam in power.

  11. Yes

    If Saddam had been removed during the Gulf War, there’s almost no chance that we would have had the Iraq War.

  12. Pete

    I recall a thread on here a couple of years agn which I think started off being about the rights of Muslim women to wear Burqas but somewhere along the way ended up discussing something to do with John Lennon’s penis. What a Tangled web this can be indeed 😉

  13. American troops better be sent back in or Iraq will fester and molder into a very dangerous combination of Palestine, Iran, Egypt and Pakistan.

    That cannot be good for the Western allience.

  14. The Newt Gingrich ” war wimp ” strategy. Quick to send others to fight, yes oh yes.

  15. “Rubbish. They left Sadaam in power.”

    Ho! Ho!!
    This is the unconscious arrogance of the Western mindset!
    We seem to think that not only do other nations want what we have, they must surely believe that the destruction of their homeland is acceptable if it means they might attain Western democracy and concomitant consumerism…

    This arrogance assumes that had the Allies gone on to depose Saddam at the time of the first Gulf War, things would have been so much better!
    Iraq like other Muslim countries has a domestic struggle between Sunni and Shi’a factions. Either attempting to subjugate the other. Saddam kept a lid on that, as Mubarak did in Egypt and King Hussein does in Jordan and Bashar al Assad does/did in Syria.
    We are not going to change the Arab mindset -only they can do that.
    So as I said before, surgical strikes, sabotage and spying to achieve a clear objective, and no Western troops clunking over Muslim sensibilities….

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