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Hello Nanny.

People should have at least two days a week completely clear of alcohol, a group of MPs says. It is one of the recommendations in a report by the Commons science and technology committee, which is calling for a review of all government guidelines on alcohol in the UK. It says there are “sufficient concerns” about the recommendations on how much people should drink. The report has been welcomed by charities and public health experts.

Why on EARTH are MP’s telling us how much to drink and when? It is simply none of their business. As for those “charities” and “public health experts”, they are part of the damnable Nanny State, always lecturing us, always telling us what we must not do. I am sure many people survive without taking any alcohol any day of the week, I know I make it through the week with more than the “two days” gao BUT if people want to have a drink every day, good luck to them. It is simply NO business of Government and at a time when the Nation is in financial peril, where our military is denuded, where unemployment is rocketing, is THIS the sort of priority these fools think we need to focus on? Strewth – it’s lucky that there isn’t a bottle nearby!

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9 thoughts on “ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU DRINK…

  1. It’s absolutely none of the government’s business, no doubt, but it’s fair enough for them to take an interest. I’m all for hands-off but I can see the point of advice (and it is only advice), given the fact that the nation seems to be increasingly drinking itself into oblivion.

    Fact is a some people just don’t get the units idea (a useful yardstick), they think that every day they wake up with a clean slate. In a less politically correct announcement, the report would say “some people are thick as champ.” In NHS / policing budget terms, prevention is better than cure.

  2. I would have issue if they tried to legislate on the issue as that would be the government sticking their noses in where it doesn’t belong. On the other hand there is nothing wrong with the offering advice.

    Also just because there are more important issues to deal with doesn’t mean they can’t deal with multiple issues at a time. Many MPs, especially backbenchers, take individual interests on individual issues. While all MPs are focused on the economy, on unemployment it doesn’t mean that they also can’t take up causes they are interested in. If all the MPs in Parliament debated whether or not people should have two days without drink then that would be a waste of time and resources when there are bigger priorities. But if a committee wants to investigate a matter relevant to their portfolio or an APG wants to do a report on a matter of interest then it isn’t a big deal.

  3. People should have at least two days a week completely clear of alcohol, a group of MPs says.

    Well, I sleep for about 48 hours a week so that’s me sorted.

  4. Seamus.
    Two points;

    1)This advice is probably costing hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money to produce.

    2)Public and government were ‘advised’ on-smoking in public areas-a definition of racism-positive discrimination-progressive teaching methods in state schools, ad infinitum

    I think we need to see these advice campaigns as feelers for what the government actually wants to legislate for.

  5. Ross – perfect line.

    David – I think it is more of a recommendation than a directive, and when one considers the harm/cost visited upon society by the abuse of alcohol I am not sure it is such a bad thing for them to (although I hate the phrase) raise awareness.

  6. “People should have at least two days a week completely clear of alcohol, a group of MPs says.”

    You never know, they might be right. I’ll have the first week of March.

    Now since we’re in the business of giving advice, just being, you know, helpful, I advise the impertinent oiks to kiss my arse. We emoploy you to collect the rubbish and shut up about it.

  7. I wonder if the Houses of Parliament’s many bars could be persuaded to go dry for two days a week (weekdays obviously).

  8. Typical Socialist, Liberal lunacy.

    In Scotland they’ll probably get away with this idea of a 2-day prohibition.

    Next thing you know they’ll be telling you how much Paracetamol you can purchase and put Fluoride toothpaste on a prescription-only list.

    The Scotch are almost as wacko-nanny as their Irish/Catholic cousins, except they don’t pray to 1,000-year dead Saints, they pray to living idiots.

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