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The first minister warned Westminister to stay out of the debate and pledged that only Scottish voters had the right to vote on the issue

Let us be clear on one thing; Scotland will suffer economic meltdown should it foolishly decide to become Independent. Why? Well, it would have chosen to leave the UK and so it follows it would have to leave the Sterling zone and enter the Euro. That way lies disaster. Alex Salmond insists this would NOT be the case but who is he to tell us Brits who we retain in our domestic currency? Scotland SHOULD be thrown out of the Sterling zone if it chooses to leave the UK.

Scots will be told that a vote for independence will mean them being forced to ditch the pound and join the faltering euro. The warning came as Labour pledged to join forces with the Coalition to save the 300-year-old Union with England. As senior Labour figures signalled their backing for David Cameron’s high-risk attempt to force Holyrood to hold an independence referendum quickly, Government sources said Scotland’s future in the EU would be a central issue.

Salmond is playing a game and it needs called. He KNOWS that there will be no majority vote in favour of Scottish Independence (polls show about 23% in favour so, game over on THAT) but he is angling for something called Devolution Max. What this means is that fiscal powers would be moved from Westminster to Scotland and it would be able to operate autonomously whilst absorbing all the benefits of the Barnett formula. This needs tackled as Scots already get excessive funding, as the man behind the fiscal formula admits.

As a Unionist, I would like Scotland to stay in the UK. Scotland has made a great contribution to our common well being and I a fond of the country. But not at ANY price. The SNP are undermining the value of Scotland and either they put up, hold the BINDING  referendum and accept the result, or they shut up. Like all forms of Nationalism, the SNP is a creeping poison and it needs confronted, exposed, defeated.

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  1. The last time this unnecessarily tribal drum was being banged I remember hearing how Scotland was being denied the right to be as successful like other small European nations like Ireland. Ireland sinks and still the drum sounds.

    I can only see the desire for Scottish independence as patriotism misplaced, it’s a mixture of economic and nationalistic spite and frustration. Luckily for Scotland, and its natural UK homeland, it’ll never happen.

  2. “Scotland SHOULD be thrown out of the Sterling zone if it chooses to leave the UK.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Ireland retain sterling for many decades after parting company with the UK?

  3. David, the most recent poll I could find, dated December 2011, put the support of Scottish independence at 38%, opposition at 57% and don’t knows at 5%. A similar poll, by a different company, put it at 39% supporting independence, 38% against and 23% don’t know. So while the majority are probably in favour of staying in the UK the gap between the two is quite soft and if Cameron continues to perform badly, the overall UK economy continues to perform badly and the SNP continue to perform well then it could make a vote very interesting.

  4. the SNP is a creeping poison and it needs confronted, exposed, defeated

    And the pro-union candidate that can do this is called?

  5. It would be a great pity if Scotland took the low road.

    However, if the do they must accept our terms of divorce which should include –

    1 – No more English money,

    2 – That they no longer control the waters around Scotland – they remain under United Kingdom control,

    3 – Likewise they no longer control the airspace from a military perspective – this also remains under UK control,

    This said if they choose to say we need to address the democratic deficit with regards Scottish MPs sitting in Westminster. This must end in the interest of English democracy.

  6. Virgilius,

    Again, why should the “defecting” Scots be treated differently from the Irish in the day?

  7. And then Scots will tell the UK Government where they can put their terms. There will be no more English money but Scottish waters and Scottish airspace will be the in the jurisdiction of the new Scottish state and any UK infringement of that will provide a casus beli.

    Also, there is no democratic deficit with regards to Scottish MPs sitting at Westminster. There is a democratic deficit in that England has no national assembly. Westminster is the national Parliament and to limit access for Scottish, Welsh and Irish MPs to sittings and votes of the national Parliament would do nothing than transform Westminster into an English Parliament. If the English want English only votes then tell them to vote for English devolution (something they have rejected overwhelmingly in the past).

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