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Is there anybody out there who thinks that the massacre at Fort Hood by the Allahu Akhbar shouting Islamist Major Hasan was actually “workplace violence”?

Yes – President Obama.

“Barack Obama has just done something truly disgraceful! He’s declared the 2009 Fort Hood massacre — where a radical Islamic terrorist killed 13 American soldiers and wounded 29 more — “work place violence,” not a terrorist attack.  This means that these men and women are denied the military medals they are due — like the Purple Heart — for their deaths or injuries during the attack by a radicalized Muslim combatant. The way I see it, these soldiers put their lives and their bodies in harm’s way in defense of our freedom. But instead of recognizing them as heroes, Obama is treating them like they are civil service employees who just happened to be in the way when a random accident occurred!Here is a petition to sign if you think it was not work place violence.”

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39 thoughts on “WORKPLACE VIOLENCE?

  1. David,

    ‘Barack Obama has … declared the 2009 Fort Hood massacre … “work place violence,” not a terrorist attack.’

    No, he hasn’t. The Defense Department did. And that Fox “story” is more than a month old.

    But why all this carping about Obama? If you don’t like him then it’s simple: don’t vote him into office again.

    I certainly won’t be voting for him.

  2. David – is there any evidence that the president said it was workplace violence? Your link refers to a letter from the defense department, but your headline suggests Obama himself (even the Fox headline says “Obama Regime”).

  3. Maybe Barack Hussein Obama has his reasons, I think he simply enjoys being deliberately provocative against conservatives and patriots.

  4. Has the Purple heart been awarded to any service members killed on American soil before or is it only awarded to those killed in official theatres of war abroad . If it has then criticism is justified, if not then this decision is simply consistent with the rules. Turning it into an “Obama hates the military” story is lazy and cheap.

  5. Please stop using our dead servicemen and women for cheap political recycling of right wing nonsense. The President has never uttered such a phrase and his words at the memorial ceremony (ignored here) are far more indicative of his feelings on this matter. If someone in the Defense Department made some bureaucratic comment they were wrong to try to qualify the attack in that way.

  6. “Obama Regime Calls Ft. Hood Shooting ‘Workplace Violence'”

    I wonder did fair and balanced Fox ever referred to “the Bush Regime” as opposed to “the Bush Administration”. I think I know the answer.

  7. Well in a way it was workplace violence but that does not tell the whole story. Most Americans know what it really was so why try to hide the truth.

  8. Has the Purple heart been awarded to any service members killed on American soil before or is it only awarded to those killed in official theatres of war abroad .

    I’m sure there would have been awards for Pearl Harbor, but otherwise probably no

    I just learned that the award, which dates from the time of Wasington, had fallen into disuse, otherwise it would of course been awarded to Civil War combatants. Its use began again during The Firat World War.

  9. David, there’s no conceivable reason why this incident wasn’t declared a terrorist attack. It was the worst we’ve experienced since 9/11 and the most painful since it came from a man in uniform who murdered his fellow service members.

    I’m not going to sign the petition, but I must tell you that I simply hate the politicization of this horrible tragedy.

    I don’t know why the Pentagon has chosen to deny the truth of this matter, it’s one more chink in the wall of government trust for me.

  10. the purple heart is awarded to those wounded in combat, it matters not the location. Whether or not the “organized” attack by this american terrorist constitutes battle is another story, and it was NOT a lone gunman Phantom. He was acting under orders from the git killed by one of our drones, you know the American so many of you considered outrageously killed without due process because he was doing his terror organizing in another country.

    If found guilty one of the punishments he can receive is death by hanging, that option still exists in the military. Of course the man who places the noose on his head can place the knot so that it doesn’t break his neck and he slowly strangles. I would gladly show him how to place it.

  11. This is how governments tie themselves in knots.

    When it suits, the military is suddenly likened any other workplace. That’s not going to work out well when others (men and women n uniform, pressure groups etc) push for reforms along those lines.

    We see the criteria here for an award on Page 19. It may be that an award falls down on the technicality that Hassan wasn’t “enemy”. Others might argue that he became enemy when he decided to kill his comrades.

    This president has declared that Americans can be enemies. He previously crossed that line with targeted assassinations, so that Hassan has an American passport or wore a military uniform can be no defence against him being declared an enemy.

  12. Troll

    This wasn’t combat. It was a terrorist sneak attack, committed by a man who was trusted by what were supposed to be his comrades in uniform.

    That he was ordered to do so is I believe speculation on your part.

    I am entirely in favor of the Obama drone strategy, and have said so here about a billion times.


    Unfortunately, the military, any military, is not immune from political influence. This description – technically true as the day is long, but intentionally misleading in fundamental meaning – would likely have been made under the Bush administration also.

    Americans can be enemies. It has always been so.

    When you swear an oath upon entering the military, you swear an oath that begins: , I (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic

  13. Phantom I didn’t say it was combat, my point to you was that he was not a lone wolf. He was acting under orders from his al-queada handlers. It is not speculation, it is the evidence against him via his correspondence

  14. Troll – Well “under orders” like someone might think they are “under orders” from Dick Clark on New years Eve. He listened to radical Islamic broadcasts.

    I myself would leave it up to the Army as how they wanted to handle the distinction or criteria in this case and if they wanted to award Purple Hearts that is all well and good.

  15. Geoff – it is a decoration for someone who is wounded or killed while serving the military in combat or sometimes in other circumstances. It is a recognition of scarifice.

  16. Geoff,

    That thought occurred to me too. It’s one thing awarding a posthumous medal to a brave soldier who died, say, defending his comrades, but this is a bit ridiculous, if not downright illogical.

  17. This was not in any combat theater, their guard was down in a situation of great trust.

    The ” Purple Heart ” request makes as much sense as the ” workplace violence ” description “- with the possible exception of anyone who confronted Hassan at risk to himself.

    Both sides here are spinning for their own reasons.

  18. Wouldn’t it make more sense to reward people for not getting shot or wounded? I know Americans like to be terribly generous when it comes to handing out medals but it does seem to reward the wrong thing. As Richard said, by all means decorate and laud the brave for their actions, but just because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time doesn’t seem to be particularly deserving of merit.

  19. We need ” Charles from Texas ” to speak on this subject.

    As most will know, he was on the base at the time.

  20. Mahons we don’t know what instructions he was receiving or not receiving, I’m sure the military does, although this idiots beliefs were well known ahead of time, and due to PC were ignored.

    Phantom actually gets his last statement correct, a purple heart should only be awarded to anyone at the scene that was wounded trying to stop him.

    A purple heart is “usually” given to those who even though they were wounded continued to fight. There are even those that have what are called Purple Hearts with clusters. Those are our heroes who have been wounded in combat several times and kept fighting after being shot by several people or on more than one occasion.

    where is Chaz? he hasn’t popped up in awhile.

  21. Geoff – Well decorations and medals vary, from rather heroic acts (Congressional Medal of Honor) to rather mundane things. The sacrifice implicated in the Purple Heart is for putting oneself in harms way. As such I think it is a sincere tribute and a deserving one.

  22. The award of a Purple Heart is automatic:

    “Being wounded or killed in any action against an enemy of the United States or as a result of an act of any such enemy or opposing armed forces”

    My link further up gives the technical details. Since an award is made for injuries/death sustained under friendly fire, there must be millions of’em out there.

    I kid, I kid …

  23. Pete – If you go to the Cambridge American Cemetery in England you can see where almost 4000 receipients of the Purple Heart lay buried.

  24. The sacrifice implicated in the Purple Heart is for putting oneself in harms way

    Every soldier does that – that is why you have campaign medals. I don’t see any sense at all in rewarding people for getting injured.
    I do know that you Americans do hand out medals like they are sweets while the Brits are notoriously parsimonious, but on this one I think we have it right.
    Reward the brave, laud the courageous, praise the valiant. Acknowledge the input of everyone who put themselves in to a combat zone, but don’t single out those who got injured as if it is of merit in and of itself.
    Should these people who were shot by this nutter get a medal simply for being shot? No, it makes no sense at all.

  25. The award of any medal is generally to reward meritorious behavior of some kind.

    Having the bad fortune to be at the wrong place at the wrong time doesn’t meet that standard.

  26. Some people are touchy.

    Mahons –

    I’ve been there many times and know it well.


    Since Germany and Italy declared war on the US, a little meddling was quite justified.

  27. Well at least I learnt something today. I always thought the Purple Heart was like our Victoria Cross – a rare award given for outstanding acts of heroism. I didn’t realise it was given to almost everyone injured or killed in war.

  28. Germany wouldn’t have declared war if we hadn’t been shipping gear to Britain under Lend Lease and otherwise tilting to it for a time before Pearl Harbor

    It would have been very easy for FDR to have avoided this ” foreign entanglement “.

    The leadership he displayed during this period won him many enemies in isolationist circles here, which were strong at the time.

  29. Phantom –

    As much as I like to avoid arguing over ancient history, Germany declared war on the US because the US declared war on Japan, and Germany and Japan had a pact.

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