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By ATWadmin On July 20th, 2007

How convenient! No-one is to face charges after the 16-month cash-for-honours police inquiry. Four people were arrested, including two of Tony Blair’s aides, during the £1m probe into whether honours were given in exchange for party donations. Perish the thought. But happily, after mature reflection and detailed police investigation, Labour are found innocent on all charges! Quite.

5 Responses to “EVERYONE IS INNOCENT…”

  1. Also interesting that the news came out just after the polls closed in the two bye-elections yesterday. Nothing left to chance.

  2. So, a mega-bucks inquiry, involving dozens of experienced investigators over 18 months and a 6300-page file sent to the CPS, comes to …. nothing? Yeah right! From Guido:

    The correlation between making large donations to the Labour Party and receiving an honour is extraordinary. Statistical analysis shows that 58.54% of all donors giving more than £50,000 to the Labour Party receive an honour. This compares to just 0.035% of non-donors. Large Labour Party donors are 1,657 times more likely to receive an honour than a non-donor and 6,969 times more likely to receive a peerage. It is almost impossible to avoid the conclusion that the Labour Party has been selling honours, including places in the House of Lords. An analysis of all donations over £50,000 since 2001 reveals that Honour certainly has its price. We publish below the average amount donated by the recipients of various honours – an "Honours Price List". Those receiving a Peerage have given £1.07 million on average, and a Knighthood £747,000…

    And what we have now is "nothing to see here, move along please."

    The next step, inevitably, will be for political parties to come up with a plan to raid the taxpayer’s pocket even further to keep them in business. I’m sure they’ll have no problem coming up with agreemend on that! Political parties are nothing more than a free association of individuals with no more constitutional significance or any right to our money than a scout group. But watch that all swept aside in the rush to our property, which we will have to submit under pain of imprisonment.

  3. If the police passed the case to the CPS is is because they thought that there was enough evidence to work with. This looks extremely dodgy and it wouldn’t surprise me if a few baubles find there way to the CPS in the next year or so.

  4. Ross,

    You could bank on it.

  5. Another day, another whitewash. (and a rather crap day for Guido, I suppose).