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“A Big Fraud that the Government is Perpetrating on Taxpayers”

By ATWadmin On July 20th, 2007

According to Peter Hitchens, our Chief Constables "head the most ineffectual and useless police forces in British history". I instinctively agree. But in the spirit of not being too down on this country of ours, let’s see what a real, proper copper thinks. PC David Copperfield (by necessity, a pseudonym) speaks in today’s Daily Telegraph:

The average PC now spends 75 per cent of each shift engaged in nonsense which has little to do with catching criminals or helping victims. If we’re not getting the helicopter up to chase boys in pedalos, we’re nicking people for owning golliwogs or calling our horses gay. When we’re not chasing wild geese, we’re squirrelled away in offices, writing reports, sending emails and filing. The modern British policeman’s most important tool is the Biro. Or the stapler. One thing’s for sure: whatever the statistics say, we’re not catching "proper" criminals.

Sounds pretty ineffectual and useless to me.

10 Responses to ““A Big Fraud that the Government is Perpetrating on Taxpayers””

  1. This is precisely the effect urban cctv cameras have produced: Lazy coppers.
    It’s called policing by remote control.

    Won’t be long before they’re equipped with bedroom slippers, sun lamp, and a bag of popcorn.

  2. Always a good read that blog. ‘by necessity, a pseudonym’…just as well since the Daily Mail took a shot at running his stuff without his permission in 2005. Nice of them. Hope he recouped the money when they ran his book.

    There is a distinction between pen pushing deskbound ‘right wing’ (as another plod has commented regards his book review) coppers and those investigating terror ops, SO19 etc. But noone would really disagree they are bound by political nonsense and a form of social work. The fall out of a cossetted, apathetic underclass.

  3. … pen pushing deskbound ‘right wing’ coppers …

    What on earth are you on about?

  4. I think that Alison is trying to "peter plus haut que son cul" as the exquisite French phrase puts it.

  5. Pete – that would be the bit in BRACKETS. He is classed as a bit right wing in the reviews of his book. Did you know he has written a book? Nevertheless his jokes about buying pens to do the paperwork for the job are clearly lost on you.

    Do you actually read the blogs you link to?

  6. Alison –

    Well, I don’t see the left doing their bit to reinstate an effective, impartial police force which upholds the law. So yes, he may well be right wing. I am aware that PC David Copperfield has published a book and I occasionally look at his blog.

    See? Your questions answered. No obfuscation. No prevarication. No evasion. Try it sometime.

  7. re: left vs right, I think this sums it up both sides of the Atlantic. With bad language.


  8. Likewise then Pete. If you got that then try not being deliberately disingenius! I fail to see how ‘pen pushing’ ,’deskbound’ and ‘right wing’ foxed you all in one go when you post "we’re squirrelled away in offices, writing reports, sending emails and filing". And im sure even you could recognise they are but one element in the police force Hitchens writes off.

  9. Richard,

    Great video. Now I want to see Murder by Television!

  10. Richard – he was very funny. In a switched on and ahead of his time sort of way.