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The United Kingdom has been told by the foreign communists of the European Courts of Human Rights that it cannot deport the terrorist Abu Qatada to Jordan. Reports The Telegraph: “In a landmark judgment (sic), the court said that Qatada would not receive a fair trial if he was returned to his native Jordan where he faces charges that he plotted bomb attacks on two hotels and providing finance and advice for another series of bomb attacks to coincide with the Millennium.” It’s a landmark judgement because “It is the first time that the Court has found that an expulsion would be in violation of Article 6, which reflects the international consensus that the use of evidence obtained through torture makes a fair trial impossible.”

Well hang on. Qatada has no “right” to reside in Britain. He came here as a refugee on a false passport. He is a guest and nothing more. Since he arrived he has drained hundreds of thousands of pounds in welfare and carried on with terror-related activity. Only a sovereign power can bestow “rights” upon guests, and the only right he has while here is the same protection under English law which everyone else has. Since he’s a guest, in a supposedly sovereign nation, those protections can be withdrawn at any time. Only the judges of the ECHR – most of them from countries with little familiarity with justice and liberty – can imagine that a guest residency magically becomes the right to reside for all time.

If Jordan wishes to torture Qatada or use evidence gained under torture against him, that’s Jordan’s business, not ours. So here’s an idea: ignore the ruling and extradite him immediately. Other countries do it, so should we. And here’s another idea: this is Britain, we are British, so how’s about we start governing ourselves for ourselves? Radical, eh?! We managed to do that quite well for long enough without corrupt faux-judges from Albania telling us how to do so.

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21 thoughts on “CALL ME RADICAL, BUT …

  1. This goes even beyond the EU

    This court even oversees parts of Europe that are not EU countries?

  2. Phantom –

    The ECHR is not an EU institution, it’s a creature of something called the Council of Europe. The two are wholly seperate, but confusingly they share the same euro-flag.

  3. It’s insane, illegal immigrants would actually be better off joining Al Qaeda and preaching hatred against the West than keeping their heads down and working hard if they want to remain in the UK (or any country bounded by the ECHR).

  4. Insane yes. Surprising? Nope.
    We can’t get even get Captain Hook extradited to the US of flippin A. we couldn’t even extradite anyone to Switzerland in case they were allergic to cuckoo clocks.

    We need to leave the EU and repeal the HRA immediately. Otherwise as Trol succinctly puts it we are screwed…and not in a good way.

  5. Insane indeed. Why not at least the old bartenders line, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here. Kick him out and let him figure out where to go.

  6. So then, let’s get this straight: Abu Qatada is safe in the UK…so long as he doesn’t start up a website which links to a couple of pirated episodes of the Simpsons.

  7. Tom,

    “Abu Qatada is safe in the UK…so long as he doesn’t start up a website which links to a couple of pirated episodes of the Simpsons.”

    LOL, but probably not too far from the truth. This is total insanity—and will have repercussions.

    (BTW, Pete, no need to sic “judgment”. It’s a perfectly acceptable spelling both here and in the USA.)

  8. Who decided that the Human Rights of Abu Qarada should be elevated above the Human Rights of the people of the United Kingdom? Surely the ECHR should be looking at how Human Rights are expressed in Jordan if Jordan is considerted too dangerous for Abu Qatada to be returned to. The ECHR should not have the authority to determine the right of an alien to be domiciled in a country which does no want him.

  9. Could you persuade this guy to take a job as the 2012 Santa Claus at some dept store?

    I mean he has potential.

  10. Phantom,

    My first thought was: perfect for a caption competition.

    I tried but didn’t get beyond, “I swear to Allah, it was this big when I…” 🙂

  11. I told him not to go that lunch buffet.

    But do you think Abu listened?

    His eyes were bigger than his stomach. Again.

  12. Troll,
    you’re screwed, get out of the EU”

    Perhaps your most insightful and least contentious statement in the last seven days.
    BIG Applause and Gold Star… 😉
    We British are SO STUPID!!

  13. How to decapitate an infidel?

    Simple. One of you holds the dog’s head like this, and the other takes a sharp knife….

  14. Of course government ministers will be on the airwaves with stern looks expressing their dissapointment and frustration at this decision, but it is all a fraud. They have it entirely within their powers to deport Mr Hamza without even having to breach the Human Rights provisions. Any government can choose to remove certain areas of policy or institutions from the jurisdiction of the European Courts – as the French have done with their military , and Britain could if it chose announce that policy relating to national security and the deportation of individuals that threaten it are outside of the Human Rights Act but they have chosen not to.

  15. Colm,
    David Cameron is a CON ARTIST!
    He has a real knack for voicing the anger and disapproval of the people, telling them that “something MUST BE DONE, and I AM going to do it!”
    Then everybody thinks,
    “Wow! This guy really UNDERSTANDS us!FINALLY a politician who is going to CHANGE things..”

    Then he does NOTHING, because the bottom line is he WANTS to be a part of the European Union, he WANTS to avoid offending Muslims of ANY shade, and he doesn’t give a STUFF about British souvereignty.

  16. Agit8ed

    Probably also more to do with the fact that the Libdems won’t water down the Human Rights laws at all.

  17. Colm,
    The best thing is that at least for the next six episodes of Dead Enders/Consternation Street, the Lib Dems have wrecked any chance of being taken seriously..

    The Eternal Fence Sitters have finally been shafted by the realities of Government…

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