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As the impact of the Costa Concordia has settled into a grim ‘It was his fault’…’No, it wasn’t’ routine; and as I was a one-time member of the rather exclusive British Merchant Marine Officers society (only one rule for members, you had to have have sailed on board a working ship, not a yacht), I thought I might wander through some of the ‘Reviews’ of a few of the monstrous floating cities doing the cruise routines these days.

Having successfully never set foot on board any of these floating death traps, I can honestly say that even the prospect of sailing away along with three- or four thousand fellow human beings would fill me with a great and abiding desire to leave at the first opportunity. As can be read with just a few click searches, I am not alone.

To quote one annoyed cruise user:

I could carry on but running out of time and its starting to get me down, if you want to cruise and you can put up with the above then go with the yanks, they know how to riffle throw your pockets expertly. If I had known then what I know now I would have cancelled the our cruise and happily lost the deposit, my wife and daughter concur.  You will see from my rating mostly ones and that’s only because there isn’t a 0.

Another Cruiser stated:-

All in all, a good experience – but you have been warned. If you’ve got this far and want to do a cruise with the kids – Royal Caribbean is probably for you, although in reality you probably haven’t read this far. Royal Caribbean should remember that their cruise is not for affluent dummies eager to part with cash to purchase tawdry goods, tours and unwanted chattels. They need to understand the term “guests” and in my experience such people don’t mind buying things, but definitely don’t like being sold it.

True, there are plenty of contented cruisers who go again and again, but they are probably either brain dead, under twenty-one, or too thick to understand the term ‘rip-off’!

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6 thoughts on “Just a thought!

  1. Most people aren’t aware of it, but you can also travel long sea distances on freight ships as a passenger. Much more interesting than those ugly and boring cruisers.

  2. At last we agree on something Corporal Cunningham.
    I greatly enjoyed my time on the great P&O Orient lines in the ’60s as well as a spell on an oil tanker (some real odd’ns on there, I can tell you.. and a paper pulp ship (I mean that was the cargo, not what the ship was made of).
    I would love to take my wife on a leisurely world cruise, but NOT on a floating suburb..

  3. Agit9ed,

    Whats all this ‘Corporal’ lark? Never been in the Army, never held a rank.

    Merchant Navy Engineer Officer; no more, no less!

  4. Sorry Michael,
    I wasn’t referring to you but to Cunningham the Lesser, aka Noel.
    I promoted Noel after his principled and far seeing analysis here..

    By David Vance On January 12th, 2012 at 9:23 am .

    Noel projected as the Conscience of the American Forces in Afghanistan..
    A cultured and sensitive man, whom I promoted to Colonel. 🙂

  5. Colm,
    READ the thing…

    By David Vance On January 12th, 2012 at 9:23 am .

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