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So what exactly had to be the extent of the victim’s injuries to warrant slinging these three scrotes into the slammer?

That is a good question, Judge Martin Steiger!

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5 thoughts on “Good Question!

  1. Cases like this depress and infuriate me. If the idiotic judge experienced such a vicious assault himself it would serve him right for having made the streets a more dangerous place for the rest of us and trivialising the attack on Mr O Reilly by letting these thugs walk free.

  2. They’ll attack again.

    It’s sincerely to be hoped that the judge or some other culpable politician is the victim when they do so.

  3. They’re clearly not sorry.

    The judge clearly has no respect for the law, or for the reasons behind the law, as is often the case with judges.

    This is one of the reasons for ” mandatory minimum sentences ” for some things in the US.

    A lot of judges aren’t in the justice business. Which is a hard problem to solve.

    This is reported in the evil Daily Mail. How did your so called quality press cover it? Did they?

  4. The Telegraph covered it, I don’t think any other broadsheets did so.

    In mitigation for Chrapkowski, who is unemployed, defence counsel Katie Jones said: “He is extremely remorseful and wishes to apologise to the court. It is extremely out of character in a misguided attempt to protect his friend.”

    If the judge bought this in sentencing, there’s no good reason why he shouldn’t be re-arrested and re-sentenced, both for the assault and the obvious contempt of court.

  5. Agreed.

    Defense attorneys in these criminal cases will always lie on behalf of their client. Every one of these sons of bitches in all these incidents is ” remorseful ”

    Outside of mandatory minimum sentences, I don’t know how you stop this type of thing.

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