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By David Vance On January 19th, 2012

It’s remarkable.

NORTHERN Ireland’s teachers are to be offered almost two years’ salary to leave their jobs in a £167 million giveaway of public money which was last night branded “shocking”.

The vast majority of teachers will be offered about £70,000 – enough money to buy a house – in a scheme which offers teachers three times more than their contracts stipulate, at a time when school budgets are under increasing pressure.

In a scheme reminiscent of the Patten scheme for RUC officers, but without the political imperatives of compensating those on the frontline during the Troubles, Education Minister John O’Dowd hopes to entice teachers into the payoffs rather than make teachers who are surplus to demands redundant, as would happen in the private sector.

The Department of Education said “avoiding compulsory redundancies” – which would be politically embarrassing for Sinn Fein – was the main reason for the offer of up to 90 weeks’ salary in a lump sum to persuade teachers to leave voluntarily.

So, teachers get ££££MILLIONS thrown at them lest Sinn Fein be “embarrassed.” This is a scandal and yet it is presented as being the very personification of reason.

8 Responses to “LET THEM TEACH CAKE…”

  1. “The vast majority of teachers will be offered about £70,000”

    Only because the state is a pack of thieves writ large. Truly politics contaminates everything it touches.

    Those who think the payoffs are too much are missing the point. They can only exist because of the demented belief that the productive class must be looted so the state can employ them in the first place.

    Rob a bank of £70K and your feet won’t touch the ground. Rob a man of £70K for politics and that’s all fine.

  2. Teachers, cops, and firemen are very much part of the productive class.

    But this scheme does not compute.

  3. So, money that could be used to employ more nurses at Antrim hospital is to be used by the Executive to pay off teachers at a level far beyond that to which they are entitled?

  4. Phantom


  5. three times more than their contracts stipulate

    This is nonsense because they are not comparing like with like. The figure in the contract refers to what they they would get in the event of compulsory redundancy. The three times greater sum is for a proposed voluntary redundancy scheme and has nothing to do with the figure in the contract.

    Early retirement/voluntary redundancy packages are common in both the private and public sectors. Both my parents were offered such packages late in their working lives (one private sector, one public). They are usually generous because they wish to get the required number of people to accept them.

    One company I worked for announced layoffs that would be decided in two weeks. The two week period was to allow anyone that wanted to volunteer and hence receive a more generous package than if they had to be picked for the layoff.

  6. The vast majority of teachers will be offered about £70,000

    Which means that £40,000 will be taxable, mostly at 40%. So the net cost will be £54k, still way too much.

    If it was refuse collectors they would get the statutory minimum.

  7. So, have compulsory layoffs if that is what the hard times call for.

  8. “Let them teach cake…” — lol 🙂