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“…..It tolls for Thee!”

By ATWadmin On November 2nd, 2006

We are told that the family of the Brazilian character who got shot by the police are expressing "shock and disbelief" that the police marksman was not only back on armed duty, but has shot and killed another suspect; this time during an arrest after an armed robbery

Well, the only message I’d like to pass along to this Metropolitan copper is one of congratulations for keeping his eye on the ball, doing his job, and making sure that the scumbag, whoever he was, won’t be doing anything illegal ever again! If this policeman felt that the only thing he was left with was firing his weapon, then that is how it should be! In the ‘good old days’, when the only thing that killers could look forward to was a six-foot drop, there was a certain deterrence in the simple truth that only intelligent fools carried a gun into a robbery, because they knew exactly what they were risking!

Good on the copper, and good on the Police!

9 Responses to ““…..It tolls for Thee!””

  1. Given that they are Brazilian, they should have been expressing ‘shock and disbelief’ that there was an inquiry into the manner of JCdeM’s death. After all, such inquiries don’t happen in Brazil.

  2. Allan

    So what if they don’t happen in Brazil. There is a nasty undercurrent to so much commentary from the ‘who cares what happened in Stockwell’ brigade. I don’t blame the marksmen for what happened that day. I acept they genuinely thought they were killing an imminent potential suicide bomber but I see absolutely no reason whatsoever for the snide remarks that are often directed at his family for their reaction to the loss of their son.

  3. Colm: right on.

  4. I agree with Mike. This is a non-story, or at least it should be. "Policeman who did his job as best as he could last year, continues to do so this year". So what?
    I don’t really blame JCdM’s family for their reaction – they are in grief. I do blame the media for continually giving them a platform to undermine our police.

  5. Buy that man a Bass! As the old advert in Norn Iron used to say. Thankfully most cops in the UK don’t need to carry guns. Thankfully those that do are so well trained that it’s only a tiny, tiny minority of instances when they need to pull the trigger. Some folk on here might think I’m a total lefty, I do lean left on a number of things, crime is not one of them.

  6. Judge, Jury and Executioner all rolled up into one Cop!!!

  7. If you have a police force that is largely unarmed, then the pool of armed offcers must be small and therefor there is more chance of shooting incidents involving an officer that was involved in one before.

    I don’t know the details of this case but if it is a case where the offcer had no choice but to shot, then I’m glad that he wasn’t inhibited from protecting himself because of the likely furore.

    On the other hand, it is only natural that people would need to be reassured that any killing is properly investigated and that is not about a default assumption of guilt ion behalf of the officer. Apart from anything else, if it is a case where an officer was put in such danger, there are potentially lessons to be learned.

    We need to be assured that officers take their responsibilities seriously. At the same time officers just doing their jobs need to be free to do just that.

  8. OOPS

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  9. The entire f*ck-up with the killing of Jean-Charles de Menezes came about as a result of operational incompetence within the Met. The officer-in-charge, one Cressida Dick, had been highly trained at spotting ‘racism’ but utterly incapable of determining whether a guy had explosives in an open jacket. The policemen who killed JCdeM followed Dick’s order and are probably blameless. But where is Cressida Dick nowadays?