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Honouring Terrorists

By ATWadmin On July 21st, 2007

How perfectly revolting of them.  Another branch of the Ancient Order of Scumbags Hibernians in the United States has decided to name a club after morally diseased  terrorist and former IRA Chief of Staff, Joe Cahill, the only man who ever made the rest of us thank the Lord for the invention of asbestos.  Division 10 of the society, based in Trenton, New Jersey was formed seven days ago and named after Cahill in the words of Plastic Paddy Delusional Supremo, Michael Redmond, because:

‘Naming a division [of the AOH] after Joe Cahill sends a message that we want the past recognised, and the contribution of the republican community to be recognised, and not marginalised.’

Don’t suppose there is any chance of the AOH naming a division after Patrick Murphy, the Catholic RUC officer who was killed when Cahill’s gang opened fire on him?  Didn’t think so.  However, much I detest Al Queda, I would love to be a witness to an Englishman who visited this ‘division’ wearing the hat pictured above.  Might finally make these Plastic crackpots realise that lionising terrorist scum is despicable no matter which organisation they belong to.

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