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By David Vance On January 22nd, 2012

Perhaps the most hollow debate going on in modern politics is the cri de coeur from those on the political debate for the urgent need for “growth”. Those like UK Labour leader Ed Miliband talk glibly of the need for Government to change policy and instead of austerity “go for growth”. This is presented by the media as if it were a valid choice  – but of course it isn’t.

What is being retailed as “growth” by the Left is actually a euphemism for more government control, more government spending. In other words their SOLUTION to our economic woes is to repeat what CAUSED the problems in the first place!!!

We need to cut debt because we spent too much money during the Labour years causing a PROFOUND structural imbalance that was sending us towards the rocks. Furthermore when the Left talk about this imagined “growth” where exactly is it coming from? Are there employers out there who are holding back from growing their business? Really? And why is that? Have they wilfully chosen to reduce profits? Why?

It strikes me that the Left see that the “growth” of which they speak as being a growth in State expenditure, of the proliferation of more State non-jobs, of a disconnect between supply and demand which they circumnavigate by just splashing our cash.

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