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Well that didn’t take long. All too predictably, actions have consequences:

An Afghan soldier who shot dead four French troops has said he did it because of a recent video showing US Marines urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban insurgents, security sources said […]

“In his initial confessions, he said that he was strongly motivated to kill the soldiers when he saw the video of a foreign soldiers urinating on Afghan corpses,” the intelligence source said

Yes, the Taliban do worse, as was often said. Even so, professional soldiers should not mistreat enemy dead. They should not do so for dignity’s sake and their own discipline. Most of all they should not do so because it results in your comrades paying the price. Many excused what the Marines did. Some of it was understandable. A few blowhards talked big about Taliban corpses and pig fat. They have gaps in their history. Some who should know better told others to shut up because war is Hell. Yes it is, as four grieving families are now discovering.

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  1. War is Hell and states of war reveal the truly civilised societies.
    As far as I understand it ANYONE who fails to live up to the highest ideals of the Armed Forces they represent MUST be punished. There must be discipline, there must be justice. But it should be dealt with “by the family”, i.e. the Military must come down hard on any troops bringing dishonour on their regiment and their nation.
    Otherwise what are we there for?
    Second point,
    It is patently STUPID to believe that you can mix such disparate forces as those representing Western Liberal democracies shaped by Christian values,and those from a proud Islamic warrior state.
    Even STUPIDER was the idea of sending out British representatives of “Plod” to liaise/train with and swop ideas with their Afghan Police colleagues… Truly the height of naivity and cultural arrogance.

  2. what a load of crap, typical ronbot thinking. You are definitly a true deciple of the mad Dr.

    both stupid, and irresponsible

  3. sorry internet keeps disconeccting.

    Its simpe this post agrees with the belief that this afghani did hiss actions because of what american soldiers did. Well that iss ronbot thinking pure and simple.

    Ron Paul blames 9/11 (when he is not standing with truethers) on the U.S. being in the middl east. If we brought all our troopss home no one would bother us.

    This post buys and gives credit to an afghan SOLDIER’S claim he killed his enemy because he saw a video. It follows the ronbot stupidity to the letter.

    If those soldiers didn’t make that film that afghan soldier wouldn’t have killed those french soldiers, BULLSHIT.

    He was a soldier there to kill the enemy, and that’s exactly what he would have done even if the pee video didn’t exist.

    It is thinking like that, that makes Ron Paul and his followers dangerous.

  4. The desecration was wrong, as well as being stupid, as all the adults here said, then.

    And I’m not necessarily going to believe the word of one who has murdered his soldiers in arms, either. His non-US soldiers in arms.

    There have been a number of such murders before the Great Pissing Caper by our Afghan ” allies ”

    These are being underreported by the military and by the press.

    I’m not at all sure that we have any real allies in that part of the world, either Afghan or Pakistani. They hate each other, and they hate us, and I’m not sure that’s ever going to change.

  5. Troll –

    Drop it, Ron Paul has nothing to do with this.

    Why would the Afghan cover up his true motivations? Sure, killers and terrorists lie, but that would normally be to help them achieve an act. Once the act is done why cite a cause or motivation which masks the real motivation?

    Your argument is illogical.

  6. Troll,

    the point is that we should expect the highest standards of conduct from our military personnel, but we expect that conduct to be monitored and implemented by our military leaders, not the media.
    Because we all recognise that men under arms are uniquely dependent on each other, and require a bond of loyalty and mutual support. We rely on regimental discipline to ensure standards of behaviour remain high.
    I don’t believe the savagery of our enemy can excuse our descending to the same levels of cruelty and abuse.
    Overall it didn’t happen in the two World Wars, and we shouldn’t excuse or tolerate it now.

  7. PM
    It has everything to do with Paul, your using his logic to excuse the action. or are you to dense to even grasp that?

    A8 is right it’s an internal matter. The act was stupid, but these are college age men. You ever see what happens to someone that passes out at a frat party? Far worse things than being peed on.

  8. Troll –

    I can assure you I didn’t check Ron Paul’s policy on whether or not to piss on Taliban bodies. I suspect that if it had been Frenchmen pissing and Americans being killed as a result you’d now be demanding that Paris be bombed.

  9. I would bomb Paris just for being filled with the French….

    as for having to check, you don’t have to check, you subscribe to the same mental disorder

  10. “I’m not a joiner, and I’ve never been one to respond to peer pressure.”

    A man after my own heart Phantom!
    I would rather stand by my convictions and accept the solitude, than conform to popular sentiment.

    Or is the solitude due to deodorant deprivation? 😉

  11. “I’m not a joiner, and I’ve never been one to respond to peer pressure.”

    A man after my own heart Phantom!

    Come on in unison>> We Are All Individuals.

    I used to be susceptible to peer pressure until all my friends told me to stop it.

  12. I prefer what groucho said “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member”

  13. The soldier who said he shot them because of pissing incident would likely claim some other event had it not occurred.

    That being said it remains a disgusting act by those who did it, and they should face the appropriate level of military discipline for their clear violation.

  14. Mahons –

    Let’s say the Afghan resented foreign troops in his country. So he infiltrates the army, goes on a killing spree against foreign troops and is then captured.

    Why then not say that

  15. … why then not say that he resents foreign troops in his country? Why mask his motivation? It makes no sense to commit a grave act, which is propbably intended to create a reaction or rally others to the cause, and then hide the cause.

  16. Pete – He may very well resent foreign troops in his country, the ability of women to go to school, the lack of rule of a brutal and backward theocracy, and the difficulty of maintaining a state-sponsored terrorist safe-haven.

  17. Troll –

    “as for having to check, you don’t have to check, you subscribe to the same mental disorder”


    I’m not angry, Troll, I’m just very disappointed. I see your Lt. Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti has issued an order to all ISAF personnel in Afghanistan: “Defiling, desecrating, mocking, photographing or filming for personal use insurgent dead constitutes a grave breach of the LOAC (laws of armed conflict), violate basic standards of human decency and can cause serious damage to relations with the Afghan government,” Scaparrotti wrote. He ordered all commanders to remind their subordinates of their duty to comply.”

    Does he suffer from mental disorders also?

  18. All a misunderstanding, lads. Troll thinks the US and allies are fighting the Afghan army and this Afghan soldier was just doing his duty (see his 1:46)

    Great post, Pete. Interesting stuff about the Sepoy Mutiny too.

  19. Noel Cunningham –

    You do have a point. Troll’s 1.46pm says:
    “If those soldiers didn’t make that film that afghan soldier wouldn’t have killed those french soldiers, BULLSHIT.

    He was a soldier there to kill the enemy, and that’s exactly what he would have done even if the pee video didn’t exist.”
    Now you mention it, he might be thinking that the Afghan army is the enemy.

  20. no ya pack of gits I forgot how limited you are, and if I assume that you understand anything I follow the old saying, ass u me.

    Yes he was an afghani soldier NOT a tallywacker soldier, but was he a loyal afghani soldier, or does his loyalty lay elsewhere? I think he has shown which. Would he have killed forign troops there to help his country if he was loyal to the army they are helping NO, would peeing on a dead sworn enemy of the army he is in have caused a sane man to kill people who weren’t even in the countries army that peed on what should be his sworn enemy NO.

    This man was not a loyal afghan soldier, this man if enraged by the video would have attacked americans, not the worlds rarest soldiers, (french that haven’t thrown down their arms),

    try peddling your stupidity somewhere else, cause I ain’t buying it, and if you have HALF a brain, neither should you

  21. Troll, as just last week you seemed to think Iraq and Afghanistan were the same place, surely thinking the Afghanistan army is fighting against the western allies marks an improvement in terms of your errors.

  22. Troll –

    What a comrade you are. Eighty two French soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan.

  23. The nonsense written about French soldiers needs to be questioned. Exactly what is it that gives Troll the belief that he can write such drivel? Is it the defeat of France in WW2 by the Germans – France and Britain were totally out-soldiered and only Hitler’s halt order permitted British troops to escape the fate of the French. It is noteworthy that when Americans first came into contact with the German Army, they were routed and would only engage thereafter under conditions of total air supremacy.

    Was it the defeat in Vietnam, at Dien Bien Phu? I recall Americans leaving under apparently similar circumstances (in reality, the American soldiers were not allowed to defeat the VC as they certainly did on many occasions). The French fought a brutal war in Algeria only to be betrayed by De Gaulle. There is no shortage of bravery and ability in the French military.

  24. Noel, can’t even read…. shame shame. If you cherry pick comments you miss a lot. now reread The Troll, on January 23rd, 2012 at 11:10 pm Said: …OK

    Pete, I give thanks and prayer for those rare french creatures, do you?

  25. Allan@Aberdeen, There is no shortage of bravery and ability in the French military.

    Alan I would agree with that, As I said a rare trait in the Frenchmen to even still pursue a life in the military. (there has to be some left over british genes laying dormant in the French population, from 100s of years of fighting, and cross populating that pop up in the rare french man and woman) I really don’t like the French Allan, someday I will do a post just for you. But my belief is that the french are a loathsome lot, that should be poked and ridiculed at every opportunity just because they are french.

  26. Here they go, cutting in our action. Yes, the French are loathesome, and they should be poked and ridiculed, but France is splendid and we’d have to invent Frogs if they weren’t there.

    Besides, Troll, have you not heard of Yorktown?

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