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By Pete Moore On January 25th, 2012

It does explain a few things.


  1. Lew Rockwell? Oh my.

    Anywho The State of the Union has become more and more of a theater event, never more so than in a campaign year. The references to the special guest in the gallery (usually some recent hero or common man or woman who over comes some obstacle) that Reagan started has become laughable at this point.

    The number of ovations would embarrass a North Korean. The langauage no doubt of the speech is suited for these nodding and clapping repetitions, short bumper sticker rhetoric.

    I thought politically it went well for him, and you can see the tone he will try to take in the campaign. The highlight of the evening was unrealted to either party, I refer of course to Congresswoman Gifford’s emotional appearance. She resigned formally today and there wasn’t a dry eye in the House.

  2. I loathe the State of the Union with its fake partisan cheering and inserted guests. Its a low rent show for imbeciles.

    Didn’t even watch last night.

    Skimmed over a summary this morning. I’ll do that next year too.

  3. Skimmed over a summary this morning. I’ll do that next year too.

    So you are sure Obama is going to win relection.

  4. I believe they will have have SOTUs even if Obama loses.

    Unless it’s to Ron Paul who will point out that they aren’t in the constitution.

  5. President Paul will give the address as it’s mandated in Article II, Section 3: “He shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”

    So he’ll do it from time to time. It will be a short address because there’s not much in American life that it’s necessary for the Congress to know.

  6. There has not been a SOTU address in a changeover year since Carter 1981 and even then it was a written address.

  7. Damn! Schooled twice in a row.

  8. Have discussed it with some of the young guys in the office. They, too, don’t like this spectacle and the fake cheers and the planted guests.

    If Obama and the congressmen don’t take it seriously, don’t expect me to!

    Nearly everyone in that public space is part of the problem.


    Well, I suppose it won’t hurt if he can mobilise a bit of traditional GoP support.

  10. I don’t think Paul attended this year. I didnt see him in the crowd, of course that could have been the media conspiracy to keep him off of the airwaves.

  11. That ” Media Boycott ” sure doesn’t apply to Fox News.

    They’ve given him mucho air time lately, and this Judge Napolitano guy on Fox Business Channel is an out and out Ron Paul cheerleader for every minute he’s on the air.

  12. I am waiting for Paul to say we shouldn’t have rescued the two aid workers, that saving them only angers the Pirates, that the Pirates only captured them because of our foreign policy, that the Aid workers were Federal Reserve employees in disguise, that there is no right to call the military specialists SEALs since that name isn’t in the Cosntitution…….

  13. The State of the Union address should be like the Queens’s speechat the opening of Parliament here in the UK. A straightforward address listened to without applause or interruption. It would be more dignified and more informative as it should be.

  14. PS – I love Pete’s 6.39pm comment. It’s as if he is Ron Paul’s personal assistant 🙂

  15. and he’s speaking above himself

  16. Knackers, asylum-seekers and druggies appeal to the Irish. At least it seems that way since the government and church are always whinning and crying about how disadvantaged they are.

    Society, they proclaim, must make sacrifices for these needy “communities”.

    Typical Socialist rhetoric: Let’s make everyone equal by taking from the hard wokrking, honest citizens and hand the parisites everything and anything they demand.

    Yea, that’ll work………. Like an enema done with a 4-inch, high-pressure firehose.