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Glad to see some justice being done.

A corrupt vicar who conducted 28 sham weddings was jailed yesterday. The Rev Canon Dr John Magumba, 58, pocketed at least £8,300 after he  agreed to marry Nigerians to Eastern Europeans living in Britain. The unions enabled the Africans to stay in the UK and claim hundreds of thousands of pounds in benefits.

A court heard that the cost to the  taxpayer of one immigrant wrongly  entitled to services amounted to  £100,000 over a decade, or £230,000 if they had a child. Yesterday the Church of England vicar – who came to Britain from Uganda with his wife and six children – was told that he had brought scandal to his church as he was sentenced to two-and-a-half  years in jail. Investigators suspect no ceremony actually took place with the ‘couples’ simply given their marriage certificates – dubbed ‘golden tickets’ – after handing him hundreds of pounds. On one occasion he married the same woman to different men twice in the space of a week, later changing her age in the register to try to avoid suspicion.

One has to ask HOW did Magumba get into the Church in the first place? How did h get away with all these sham weddings? Shouldn’t this criminal be deported?

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