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You decide if this is your idea of justice;

“The parents of a newborn baby left with horrific injuries and fractures all over her body walked free from court today, despite admitting child cruelty charges.  The unnamed infant was just 23 days old when doctors discovered she had suffered multiple breaks to her legs, knees, ribs, right wrist and right hip. MRI scans showed the baby girl had also sustained a skull haemorrhage and trauma to her brain tissue. But her parents were spared jail at Bristol Crown Court today, despite pleading guilty to child cruelty on the basis of neglect – because a judge blamed social services for the ordeal.”

My view? Appalling.

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22 thoughts on “IS THIS JUSTICE?

  1. I despair. At the very least I hope the poor little child is now nowhere near these parents, although I wouldn;t be surprised if this judge ordered the baby to be returned to them.

  2. Isn’t there a new theory doing the rounds that these injuries may be as a result of resurgent rickets rather than parental cruelty?
    Actually, that’s wrong, they’re not parents; they don’t qualify.

  3. Typical British ploy: “make the criminal the victim and government the criminal”. AND, of course, the poor innocent infant merely a statistic to be added to a computer file!

    Actually, I’m surprised this didn’t happen “South of the Border” down Wicklow way.

    Aye, aye, aye, aye…..Yippie Kay Yay!

    And on the lighter side, here’s one from my druggie, tax-evading singing pal.

  4. To quote from the report:-

    Bristol Crown Court had previously heard that social worker Sara Matty had seen the baby’s mother at her home in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, and noted she had learning difficulties.
    The father also had learning difficulties, and it was noted that he appeared to be ‘a bit clumsy’ with the baby and ‘inappropriate and childlike’ in his handling of her.


    Your statement is presumably your answer to the unspoken question ‘Should these two people have been allowed to breed in the first place?’

    I seem to recall that type of philosophy, back in the late 1930’s to 1945, resulted in the deaths of some forty-odd million people. Are you stating that the State be allowed to select those who qualify, by reason of education, or intelligence, religion, race, or any other form of ‘selective judgement’; as to who is born? Because it is a very, very short step from there to also being able to decide who lives or dies in the first place!

    Just asking, of course.

  5. My eldest girl is in here second year of a Social Work degree. I showed her this and she said she would have immediately recommended that the child be removed, so Social Services are partly to blame by ommissin for the child’s ordeal.

    Having said that SS didn’t cause the infant’s injuries. As a prima facie legal issue it looks like these “parents” should certainly been made amenable for their actions, as hould the judge.

  6. I know it may sound awful 🙂 but as I get older I am increasingly of the opinion that
    a) man is not the be all or end all of life, and has no intrinsic right to populate the earth exclusively.
    b)there are people living on this earth who are basically a waste of space, and were it not for the Welfare State would have sunk below the waves years ago.
    c) there is no logical/historical/developmental reason to believe that some people can spend their lives as recipients rather than contributors to society.

  7. Paul,
    I’ve seen “The Quiet Man”, I like that Ireland, and if Maureen O’Hara were six inches shorter, I’m sure I’d be in with a chance!!
    If you ever have to visit England let me know. You could come and stay at least a night before we came to blows… 🙂

  8. MC no I don’t believe in eugenics but these 2 proved they should never have children and that is the simple truth

  9. Troll,
    I just loved the trousers the IRA guys wore, and that Widow Sarah Tillane was a bit cute! 😉
    A lovely film -totally unbelievable of course, you’d never find enough nice Micks to populate the village of Inisfree….

  10. “You could come and stay at least a night before we came to blows”

    Spend the night with an Tory ex conncillor involving blows?

    C’mon Agi, “Micks” like me have a reputation to think about 🙂

    Invitation appreciated my friend. Be careful what you wish for 😉

  11. Paul,
    I didn’t say I wished to show you hospitality, but if the opportunity arose, it would be welcomed. For one thing, it would be interesting to hear more of your views on “things Irish”.
    Despite being an opinionated old man, I do like to listen and learn, and oftentimes sitting down with the one person can set in motion a new chain of thought, a new perspective on things. Sometimes the process can be a slow one, as if the issue does not impinge directly on one’s own life, it will not figure largely in one’s daily thoughts.
    In other words, it is more immediate to you than it is to me.
    I don’t know about you, but I have found my various assumptions challenged by some on ATW. This is a good thing.
    Just for a f’rinstance.
    I increasingly recognise how much generational values enter into our world view, and we/I assume that other, younger people, will share the values that are a part of me.
    Which is why Ernest and I agree on many issues…. 🙂

  12. As a 44 year old 5’9 unhealthy ten stoner who boxed for fourteen years in another life & who still tries to keep their hand in at occasional Muay Thai training, given your weight, age & height you’d still probably kick seven shades out of me if it ever came to blows, (which I sincerely hope it never would . . . at least for my sake).

    Thanks for the invitation of hospitality, and I sincerely mean this, David has my private mail, I’d love the opportunity to meet up for a beer & extend the invitation to you as well.

    Regarding the generational difference.To paraphrase Wilde:

    “I think I’m still young enough to know everything” 🙂

  13. Pauly,
    Are you in for a nasty shock!
    Right. I am going to ask David to share my email address with you. I suggest we share locations first off. If you normally reside in NI it would be silly to try and arrange something.
    If on the other hand you were coming over on business or a holiday, we could arrange a visit/stopover.
    I have never been to Ireland. My wife has been to Southern Ireland -Dublin, on business
    There’s lots of things I want to do before my “bellows” stop bellowing. I love the
    Fureys, loved “My Left Foot” and “Inside I’m Dancing”
    I’d love to drink real Guinness and see some good live music
    Does any of that not meet with your approval?!

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