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Bethnal Green’s most obnoxious public face, the treacherous George Galloway, has been ordered out of the House of Commons and suspended for 18 days (to commence at the end of the recess) to give MPs time to investigate possible concealment of funds relating to his Mariam Appeal charity in…..you guessed it….Iraq!  This is a man who not only made a highly treasonable remark on the eve of our invasion of Iraq, but who has used his public profile to criticise and divide the political classes in his own country. 

Galloway is beloved of the Left.  He would be, wouldn’t he?  The deeper the hatred a person has for the country of his birth – expressed through contempt of its culture and institutions – the more of a cause celebre he becomes for the rabid socialist brigades deeply embedded in our news and media circles.  Galloway is just such a figure: a man elevated to high office by those who have no loyalty or respect for our United Kingdom.  He deserves to be investigated until there is nothing left to investigate, for his ultimate departure from the Commons would do British democracy a huge favour.

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