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Excellent article here from Old Holborn on the subject of how children should be brought up;

David Lammy, without doubt the thickest Member of Parliament has set the cat amongst the pigeons this morning by blaming the London riots on the inability of parents to “smack their children”. Except of course, he hasn’t. David is simply referring to the lack of parental discipline in our modern “grab it” society.

Teenagers were able to plunder our high streets because no one cared if they did. Certainly the parents of the hooded ferals had no interest in asking where their offspring were late at night in a city full of sirens and smoke, and when hauled in by the Police to collect their errant children stared bleary eyed at the custody Sargent and shrugged their shoulders in resignation.

The truth, as Old Holborn asserts, is that..

“To be poor, violent and criminal is now the prerequisite for a successful life. To be “respected” for your thuggery instead of despised is the new badge of honour. The adoration of the immoral, the worship of the feckless and the admiration of the wastrel class is the career model, whilst those who speak out against it make front page news with their “idiotic” demands and thoughtcrime that parents actually should take responsibility for their offspring.

When we stop rewarding catastrophic social failure for fear of being judged “old fashioned” or “bigoted”, our children will thank us for the better, safer world they can raise our grandchildren in. We really do need to be in this together – the option of an ever degenerating society that most cannot escape from is too horrific to consider – and finally the State needs to have it’s children taken into care. It has proved to be the most feckless, irresponsible parent of all.”

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  1. I am afraid I agree with “Teenagers were able to plunder our high streets because no one cared if they did.”
    Although I would qualify it by saying that mygeneration cares, but the younger generation have lost their way when it comes to respect, discipline and a sense of proportion.
    You simply cannot keep passing laws to regulate behaviour or respect. They come from within, and are absorbed or not during childhood, watching how mum and dad treat each other, and those they interact with.
    Laws can never achieve what a genuine change of heart can achieve (as for instance through a genuine religious conversion or revelation)
    So the pendulum has swung towards a new kind of “respect”; one based on fear, not acknowledgement of worth.

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