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By ATWadmin On July 25th, 2007

girlguides.gifGirl Guides, best known for skills such as starting fires, want to learn about safe sex and assembling flat-pack furniture, a survey suggests. Teenage members are also asking to be taught how to write a CV and reduce their "carbon footprint". Some 80% of 16 to 25-year-olds in the movement want safe-sex advice and 93% want guidance on how to manage money, according to a survey of 1,000 guides. Chief Guide Liz Burnley said it was important to be "truly relevant". Earlier this year, it was announced older guides would be trained as "peer educators" to teach others some of whom are as young as 10 about such things as sexual health and binge drinking.

The malign influence of liberals is sickening to behold, bringing the once decent values of such institutions as the Girl Guides into the dirt. I do not believe for one second that teenage girls, above all else, want to know what their carbon footprint is and what sexual practises are best – I DO believe the liberals that now infest these organisations do believe these things and now seek to impose them on their girls and so subvert the organisation.


  1. I don’t see the problem. Teaching girl guides how to start fires dosen’t turn them into arsonists, why would teaching them how to use a condom turn them into sluts? If they want to learn about safe-sex then we can assume they are already wanting to have sex. Denying them that knowledge only insures that they’ll get pregnant (and probably abort it) and catch something nasty.

  2. ‘Some 80% of 16 to 25-year-olds’

    The most worrying aspect of this is that their could be ANY 25 year old that doesn’t already know about safe sex.

    It seems it’s not only the Taliban culture that is regressive.

  3. er… better not.

  4. Why would this issue even come up on a survey for Girl Guides? Surely there is ample alternative sex education available. Strange.

  5. Ditto with cv writing, pet care, elementary money management – if these things aren’t taught in school or at home, we are in big trouble. Glad the camps and activities are still going though

  6. Lets hope the don’t get the instructions for the tw mixed up!

    Maybe there will be a badge for either or both of them

    Actually I don’t think it is a bad idea to have not peer but closer-in-age-than-parents educators

    Yes I think the main responsibiltiy for sex eduction is parents but back up could be useful. Not everyone can or wants to discuss everything with their parents.

  7. Mahons:

    "Why would this issue even come up on a survey for Girl Guides?"

    Because their love is in-tents?

  8. Bernard: You get a special merit badge for that.

  9. Oh groan bernard 🙂

    Do any guides get near a tent these days? I bet that’s changed too

  10. hiya Aileen hows things,

  11. Martin *hugs*

    How’t things? Where you been? and what are you doing on a thread about what girl guides want to know about sex?

  12. Aileen

    Do you really want Martin to answer that 🙂

    Ps – Just thought I would remind you as I know you are into mathematical problems , there’s a programme on BBC2 late tonight all about Prime numbers.

  13. Colm

    I will actually watch that. That is worrying!!

  14. Aileen

    I might watch it if I find I am having difficulty nodding off.I’m sure it will do the trick 🙂

  15. When I was ar school my Dad, who left school at 13, used to take maths books out of the library. I couldn’t understand why. He didn’t have exams But I kinda get it now :o)

  16. Aileen,
    *hugs and kisses*
    been hibrinating during the bad weather

    LOL,yes its prbably better that i don’t answer that

  17. yeah Maths can be fun ,could never get around time series forcasting though–might have been down to sloppyness and the figures not being on the right lines

  18. Martin

    How goes the realm My Liege? ;o)

  19. Aileen,

    Ive been asleep for the past 6 months(exhaustion as a result of last ear nibbing episode) and am just catching up—strange times indeed

  20. Martin

    Who was nibbling who’s ears?

    Time you woke up!!!

  21. Martin

    Time series forecasting always gave me sleepless nights too.

  22. Awh Aileen,

    your not telling me I was just dreaming

  23. Martin

    So you’re the type that nibbles and tells!

    tut tut !

  24. Colm,

    yeah it always started out ok and then at some point in the middle the wrong line or total somehow always found its way in like a virus resulting in a absolute kabosh towards the end—was that how it was for you ?

  25. Aileen you brazen hussy

    From Mahons to Martin in one night!

  26. Aileen,

    I didn’t tell anything ,Btw in those dreams you looked great in that catwoman outfit

  27. Martin

    I have to confess I was pulling your leg. I hadn’t even heard of time series forecasting until you mentioned it this evening. Either they never mentioned it at my school or I was fast asleep while my maths teacher droned on about it.

  28. Colm,
    I can see how you might have been asleep,or was it like me in French class–spending the best part of 3 years outside in the corridor for talking and being a disruptive influence

  29. Martin

    I guess your French teacher wasn’t a sexy madamoiselle than. I’m sure you would have been the most attentive and obedient member of the class in that case.

  30. Colm

    I’m cut to the veritable onion

    Martin that was Mad. It’s his favourite suit ;o)

  31. Colm, I think I caused the poor man a nervous breakdown, he defo wasnt like those waitresses in ‘Alo Alo, ah vicki michelle there was a babe

  32. Martin lusting after a Val Doonican lookalike in a catwoman suit… wow that must have been some dream 🙂

  33. Aileen,

    Immmm I thought his favourite suit was mr Tango, with an”I still hate Lundy” tee shirt and union jack boxer shorts underneath in case its warm and he needs to strip off,

    anyway who ever was responsible ,I enjoyed it

  34. Martin

    That’s his second best ;o)

    Good to see you back must get to bed although I’d love to stay up and see how the matchmaking on the other thread turns out .

    nite nite all :o)

  35. Aileen

    Don’t forget the programme about prime numbers.

  36. Nite Aileen

  37. "safe sex and assembling flat-pack furniture,"

    I don’t know about everyone else but I think that teaching the assembly of flat pack furniture at that age is sick. Leave them their innocence!

  38. Frank

    Still worry about them getting mixed up.

    When ever I try that sort of thing I can’t work out where anything goes and end up with bits at the end that didn’t get used!!!

  39. Frank: I was wondering if both could be taught at the same time. If Peter Sellers were alive perhaps.

  40. Frank,

    yeah if theres one thing more evil than time series forecasting its flat packed furniture a dangerous,dangerous road to venture on

  41. Aileen,

    "When ever I try that sort of thing I can’t work out where anything goes and end up with bits at the end that didn’t get used!!!"

    I don’t believe in Hell but I’d like to think that the inventor of flat pack furniture will wind up somewhere that he has to assemble his own bed every night for eternity.

  42. Oh yes Frank and I have that trouble with flat pack furniture too.;o)

  43. Aileen, I was leaving that one for Colm or Mahons. 🙂

  44. Plenty of copper grease on the nuts, that’s the trick with flat pack.

  45. Frank: I too exhausted from my childish writings on the Peace Bus thread. Enjoyed the Billy Idol line. Off for the evening. Adios.

  46. "plenty of copper grease on the nuts…"

    Not even mahons and I would come out with something that blatant!

  47. Frank

    They miss sooo much stuff ;o)

    Tom!!! *faints"

    I was on my way to bed ages ago!

    nite all!!

  48. flat packed furniture is bad ,bad ,bad—all those nuts and bolts and screws that seemed to be pre programmed to leap out of their bags and scurry for freedom under existing furniture ,or the joint that just will not fit where it should according to the manual— tis the devils work—

    what more proof do you need for the existence of the Supernatural—Ask yourself who sent flat packed furniture into the world if not old nick/satan/beelzibub/barry manilow/lucifer etc

  49. I was only half-joking. Just tonight I bought a new chair in a box, and assembled it. I knew the joints wouldn’t all fit and I’d have to loosen the screws I had just put in, so I lubed them all up with my trusty tube of copper grease prior to threading them. It’s great for spark plugs too, they can take more strength than I’ve got to unthread unless you apply it. (Useless fact of the day).

  50. To late Tom


  51. oops "too"

  52. "so I lubed them all up with my trusty tube of copper grease….

    ENOUGH! I’m off to bed. Goodnight all.

  53. Tom, ohhh myyy, as the old southern ladies say.

    Lot’s of funny men tonight.

  54. Goodnight Colm.

  55. nite colm

  56. Great news. After the time and effort spent on assembling a double bed from IKEA, they’ll be finished at 3 a.m., and the chances of picking up a pregnancy or an STD will be as great as that of Andrew McCann learning Gaelic.

  57. I recon after THAT lot, you should all hit the tip jar.