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By ATWadmin On July 26th, 2007

This story caught my eye.

Seems like "Don’t drink the water" is a warning doctors and public health officials typically give travelers going overseas. But lately some environmentalists and city officials have been saying the same thing. Only this time they’re trying to prevent American consumers from drinking bottled water. Their reasoning? The energy used to package and transport imported bottled water contributes to global warming. If environmentalist groups have their way, grocery shelves will no longer carry popular products like Fiji from the South Pacific island and Evian from France.

Companies like Fiji and Evian emphasize the cleanliness and purity of their water. Fiji says its water comes from a source "far from pollution" and is "designed to prevent any possibility of human contact." Evian’s spring water comes from the French Alps. You would think this water ought to be an environmentalist’s dream. Instead, their bottles provoke nightmares. Allen Hershkowitz of the Natural Resources Defense Council says, "It’s ironic that on some of the labels of the bottles, you see snow-capped mountains and glaciers when in fact the production of the bottle is contributing to global warming, which is melting those snowcaps and those glaciers."

So, au revoir Evian, but the cult of global warming has you squarely in its cross-hairs. Eau well!

7 Responses to “DON’T DRINK THE WATER!”

  1. Unfortunately, Andrew McCann has vetoed comments.

    Apropos his story however, there is nothing I enjoy more than inhaling the delicate aroma of a Malborough Light beneath the warming glow of a patio heater, admiring the assembled carcasses of a morning’s successful shoot, thankfully enhanced by our socialist government’s terrific new law outlawing fox hunting by dogs, thereby allowing me the pleasure of winging (mostly) and killing (occasionally) the bushy tailed chicken farmers friend.

  2. You "wing" foxes and don’t finish them off??? You need to either improve, get closer or stop shooting! :O

  3. In vino Veritas, Paul?

  4. very much sho Bernard

  5. I’ve never seen the rationale in transporting water from a region suffering drought to a region where water is plentiful. This happened to me when I ordered water whilst out for a meal in (drought-ravaged!?) Aberdeen and I was given a bottle of Italian water. It’s utter madness and provided that local water is of good quality and unfluoridated, then it should be used and be the first offer of a restaurant.

  6. Definitely. When I order wine in Scotland, sod the French wine, they should offer me some good, home grown Scottish wine.

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