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The two Pcs, who have not been named, were removed from front-line duty and were subject to an internal disciplinary hearing held behind closed doors.

But the pair were allowed back on duty after being cleared of any wrong-doing.


I just wonder exactly what amount of damage would have caused the two unnamed police officers to be dismissed?

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12 thoughts on “No seatbelt sir? I’m sorry, but you will now be executed!

  1. Unless all the information in the article is wrong, the officers should have been dismissed, and then arrested.

  2. And what was I saying here..?

    The name rings a bell

    “The outcome for them has been to distance themselves from the comunities they are supposed to be serving, a deepening suspicion between the Police and the Public, arrogance, and even more corruption.”

  3. “A family spokesman said yesterday: ‘It is incredible that police in Britain can behave in this way – they put an elderly man in fear of his life.”

    It’s not incredible. As elsewhere, the police are taught they are different, apart and seperate from civil society. Put a woman in a slinky dress and she feels sexy. Dress a boy like a Red Indian and he’ll act like a Red Indian. So put the police in their paramilitary garb (a deliberate act) and what do you expect?

  4. In some situations, such as the recent London riots, police absolutely need to be in protective paramilitary garb.

    I actually totalled a NYPD car once when they ran a red light in hot pursuit of somebody and I couldn’t react fast enough. They didn’t yell at me, and they didn’t give me a hard time. We did the paperwork, and that was that.

    Cops are generally very respectful in my experience.

    Here, you had what look to be a monstrous breach of any discipline by men who supposedly are highly trained, and then a few Widgerys reviewed it and said that it was cool.

  5. Phantom,
    I don’t dispute that we have many fine policemen and women here in the UK, but the current strategies and policies are not working in our historically stable society in which respect and goodwill towards the police has always been fairly high.

  6. From afar, it looked like the bad guys in London were allowed to run wild for a certain period of time, which made a dangerous situation get much worse. This too, was one of the current strategies.

    This was what they did in pre-Giuliani New York – it can never work anywhere.

    I don’t see the connection between uniforms and kicking in windscreens. Only a completely untrained cop would do that. I hope that these two are not the norm.

    And I do think that those who hate cops generally tend to be very bad guys themselves.

  7. So put the police in their paramilitary garb (a deliberate act) and what do you expect?

    Why do cops sometimes dress in riot gear?

    Because sometimes people riot.

    They wear visors and padding to protect the face and body from bricks and broken bottles filled with gasoline, etc.

    What do you think the cops should have worn to the London riots?


  8. Phantom –

    What you see in the video in the post’s link was once unthinkable. It’s now not unthinkable, clearly. Only the foolish or desperate would have anything to do with the police now.

    Yes, dressing them up as paramilitaries does have something do so with it. A crisp, clean shirt and tie sets you up for business. The little black number makes a woman feel like a woman. Quasi-military equipment for the police does the same for them.

  9. Obnoxious and holier-than-thou behaviour is not limited to the young, spoilt miscreants.

    This ancient, sanctimonious asshat thought he was immune from any sort of police action including being given a ticket for failing to wear a seatbelt.

    So the idiot locked himself in his £60,000 Land Rover and threw a temper tantrum whilst the police were left out in the cold.

    The police had no other alternative but to break the “tempered” glass in order to do their job.

    Too bad it didn’t happen whilst this idiot was in a rented car, on a business trip to the American State of Georgia.

    9mm bullets would have been copiously applied to his head instead of batons to the windscreen.

  10. I tend towards Pete Moore’s analysis of the police behaviour and their modern dress. However, the most worrying thing is how this outrageous behavior seems to be gaining approval from those on high. Very recently we saw the loutish behaviour towards a women in the Wiltshire area I think where a custody sergeant dragged a lady across the Custody Suite and threw her into a cell where she received nasty facial injuries from a concrete floor. He was sent to prison but was then released upon appeal. Against the Chief Constables wishes he was then reinstated. As I said in an earlier post – things are going downhill. This sort of behaviour needs to be stopped NOW.

  11. If these police officers have been found to have committed no wrong doing at all and indeed have been declared to have maintained the highest levels of professional behaviour according to the hearing, then why on earth are the police paying £20,000 of taxpayers money to the driver ?

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