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it’s not the music, it’s the colour!

By ATWadmin On July 27th, 2007

From my early years, I have held classical music as one of my passions. One of the very few decent things which my grammar school education gave me was a deep insight into the manner, composition and nature of many musical instruments, and I have retained and widened that knowledge for more than fifty years; and all that time I have been an unknowing racist and bigot! At least that is what the belief is of the British Broadcasting corporation, and it’s reporter on the Today Programme.

She was reporting on the ‘Carmen Jones’ production at the newly-refurbished South Bank Centre, and while she wallows in the fact that the whole cast is black, as it has been especially re-written to reflect modern times and values in the Second world War, as opposed to the original composed by Bizet, set in Spain. Her complaint, set in a peculiarly whinging and belligerent tone, is that while she is fully complacent with an all-black cast, the ORCHESTRA is all-white, bar one face!

So she claims that all of the classical musical establishment in Britain, without of course speaking those words, is racist, divisive and bigoted, because not many black, brown or yellow-skinned people feature in those orchestras! Her final words, as best I can recall them were:- "We should be doing something to redress the balance!"

This stupid, silly, perverse woman, who represents the lefty- liberal progressive thinking of our State-subsidised broadcaster, wants to bring positive discrimination into a place which all my life I have both loved and appreciated. Doesn’t she understand that orchestra players gain their places by being good at what they do. Doesn’t she understand that parents have literally skimped and scraped so that their children could strive to be the best they could be in their chosen field of music. Doesn’t she understand that classical music itself is colour-blind, and those who produce it, in all it’s own colour and glory, have about as much idea of being racist and divisive as she has of being really representative of British people!

5 Responses to “it’s not the music, it’s the colour!”

  1. Mike,

    I too have followed this story and you’re quite right in what you say. The likes of the lady concerned are radical egalitarians unconcerned with merit. They see everything through their "hideously white" prism and will therefore seek to spoil everything.

  2. she must be an awful racist to be so conscious of peoples races at all times, and is she planning to force black kids (never mind other races) to play instruments they don’t like ?

    or disbar people from the pursuit of happiness or vocation for a race quota ?

    bloody Nazis need standing up to, racism and discrimination is vile in all its forms

  3. Could you put bongo drums in an orchestra?

  4. close too the bone there lad,

    will the converse be true ?

    will reggie, steal druming and gangsta rap musical groups (or goverment funded youth schemes orintated to this type of music)have white people quotas?

    its discrimination, by gum.

  5. ….and as the Bonzo Dog Band put it:

    "Can blue men sing the whites, or are they hypocrites"