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It looks like “The Land of Smiles” is less than happy….

“The three Iranians detained in Bangkok and accused of plotting to attack Israeli diplomats set priorities during their trip to Thailand. They spent time in the company of prostitutes at a famous beach resort that has attracted many of the world’s unsavory characters.

Thailand’s tourism industry, which accounts for 6 percent of the economy and employs more than 2 million people, brings in more than $25 billion in revenues every year. It is inevitable then that among the roughly 12 million visitors every year, there will be many people with nefarious backgrounds. The “Land of Smiles” has long been a favorite haven for criminals — from Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout to gangsters, drug smugglers and pedophiles — drawn by its open-door visa policy, lax law enforcement and huge variety of white sand beaches. Officials are now questioning if they should roll back the welcome mat a little.

“We have to admit that there are threats all over the world, and our country is a weak link,” National Security Council chief Wichean Potephosree said after an apparently foiled bomb plot was uncovered when an explosion in the Iranians’ rented house Tuesday forced authorities to acknowledge that Thailand was a target of international terrorists.”

I have not been to Thailand but it seems that it is finding out that taking a “relaxed” attitude to who enters its borders has consequences that can only damage it,

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One thought on “LAND OF SMILES FROWNS…


    What a fairy tale, moral and all:

    Once upon a time an Iranian went to a Thai massage parlour, had an “explosive experience, but didn’t get his “Happy ending”.

    That is unless he’s a masochist who like to travel in a wheel chair.

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