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Labour’s plan to allow unfettered immigration into the UK seems to working out pretty well as one might have forecast;

“The full impact of uncontrolled migration into the UK was laid bare yesterday by shock figures showing that four in every five babies born in some parts of London have foreign parents.

Across the capital two-thirds of the babies born in 2010 had a migrant mother or father. But in Newham the number of births to at least one non-British parent soared to an astonishing 84 per cent.

In only six of 32 London boroughs was the figure below 50 per cent. The report comes on top of official figures showing the number of babies born to foreign mothers in 2010 hit a record high. The Office of National Statistics said migrant mothers accounted for more than one in four births.”

The real demographic IMPACT of these stats will be felt in decades to come, and in particular if these kids do not assimilate into British society. With many on the Left running around denying that there is even such as thing as “British values” this lays down the ground for London to become even more UnBritish than it currently is. To have Borough with 80% non UK domiciled birth rates is stunning. Yet in truth a non-British London – and indeed other major cities – may well be the final consequence of the Labour years.

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  1. Stunning to YOU maybe. I was born in Newham, grew up in Newham, lived in Newham and escaped to Efficks. Though I have family there and visit frequently.

    I don’t care what the official statistics have just discovered, I KNEW that I was an ethnic minority in that Borough many years ago. You only had to walk down the street and play ‘spot the white man’. Any you do spot were probably Polish. It’s only the old and very poor English who remain there.

    Nice that it’s been officially confirmed three years ago but hardly much of a shock. It’s now more Somalian, Bangladeshi and Heinz 57 than English. Why else do the local schools proudly boast of having pupils who speak over a hundred different tongues?

    Anyone think Mr + Mrs Smith teach young Johnny only in tagalog until he’s five?
    It’s their own fault, I swear a dead child molester would get elected in that borough if he was a Labour candidate. And the local authority? It’s corruption is only matched by it’s inefficiency.

    Now you think this is all racist don’t you. Well I recall Newham in the mid 60’s and it was plenty diverse even then but it was still British. Now..it’s just isn’t anymore. Thats the facts jack.

  2. Just for the record.
    I checked and the facts are that Newham School pupils have ONE HUNDRED and FORTY FOUR different spoken languages as their ‘native tongue’.

  3. Many London suburbs are already Third world dumps.

    Fortunately, we can one day hang the filth who waged ethnic and cultural war against the British people.

  4. BTW, isn’t it a bit defeatist to assume that the vastly larger and stronger British culture will not be able to absorb and convert Johnny Foreigner, instead of the other way round?
    At least, that’s what should happen once those ethnic enclaves are broken up, which presumably will happen with increasing prosperity and social climbing.

    For example, how many Muslims or former Muslims in the UK now believe in mammon compared to those who believe in Sharia?

  5. once those ethnic enclaves are broken up, which presumably will happen with increasing prosperity and social climbing.

    Nope so far what happened in Newham is that quite a few Johnny F’s have gone back ‘home’ armed with a large wedge of UK cash. Ever wondered by 3rd world shitholes like Newham have lots of those ‘Western Express’ send money anywhere bureau? Social climbing? Unlikely to support your contntion.

    Take for example one of the great and good…well greatly greedy and no bloody good corrupt. . ‘Baronness’ Uddin – replete with embezzled funds has built a large McMansion in Bangladesh….rather than a large McMansion on the Barking Road.

    I’d venture to suggest that the 1st gen Muzzies are not the problem it’s the fundie 2nd Gen such as the Luton 7/7 nutters. More ‘holier than thou’ than their parents.

    Still none of this will matter in 2030 when we become a Muslim state.

  6. Still none of this will matter in 2030 when we become a Muslim state.

    LOL! You are such an ignorant jerk that I often suspect that you are a lefty imposter. The 2001 census shows Pakistanis as 1.6% of the UK population. So it’s going to be difficult for them to impose Sharia on us by 2030, or 2130 for that matter.

  7. Peter – indigenous whites are projected as a minority by 2040 so who constitute the rest of the population?

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