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This looks like an interesting if worrying development;

Doctors’ representatives are holding an emergency meeting to decide whether or not to ballot for industrial action. If the British Medical Association council decides to go ahead, it will be the first time doctors have been balloted for action since 1975. The dispute is over pension changes, which would see the highest earning doctors’ contributions rising to 14.5%.

In other words, the GP’s Trade Union is quite prepared to put the needs of patients at possible risk in order to preserve gold plated pension provision. I suggest that Government should henceforth review the GP annual remuneration contract – which has ABSOLUTELY ballooned in recent years – and ensure it is cut appropriately for those GPs prepared to compromise ANY aspect of what is contractually in place.  I know that there are plenty of doctors who do not agree with what the BMA are lobbying for and I trust their voice of common sense is listened to.

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One thought on “DOCTORS TO STRIKE..

  1. I’ve never had a plumber or mechanic go on strike because the government is dicking them around. Maybe quacks should try earning a living in the free market instead of sucking up the mega-money from Gordon Brown and crying crying like babies when the tap’s turned off.

    The root problem, of course, is not the tap being turned off now, it’s government meddling in something which doesn;t concern government in the first place.

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