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Is there no sympathy for the Devil?  Poor old Lucifer is getting dragged into the Republican primary campaign, as if Hell wasn’t bad enough.

A 2008 speech with Rick Santorum warning that Satan has his sights on the United States has been the subject of some talk this campaign.  Now Rick (rhymes with Nick) is not only not distancing himself from the remarks, but championing them.  He’s gone from running behind Romney to shouting get behind me Satan.  And some voters want his finger on the bomb?

I can only imagine what his adversaries might say – Newt Gingrich: “We all have our demons”, Ron Paul: “As a libertarian I admire Satan’s lawless policy” and Mitt Romney: “I come from Michigan the land of the Great Lakes so I am not impressed with a lake of fire.”

Some might say that Satan is a Democrat, look at Bill “Beelzebubba” Clinton for example.  Some say Satan is a Republican, and it is true that Tom Delay had a tail and horns.  Still others think Satan is apolitical and is the guy who invented committee meetings, the Department of Motor Vehicles and reality television.  Not sure myself, I suppose the Lord of the Flies just hates creation in general which would give one a bad outlook on life.  But I can’t imagine the most famous fallen angel would bother himself with a presidential campaign, unless of course someone offers him the Vice Presidency – an office for which you might as well give up your soul.

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19 thoughts on “Running with the Devil

  1. American politics is becoming the laughing stock of the free world. From Sarah Palin who believes the Queen is in charge of British forces in Iraq and Santorums outdated views of women . Funniest of all or perhaps the most pathetic is the the obsession with brith control homosexuality and abortion!!!

    Any mention of jobs being created? eejits.

  2. It’s not just that the economy is a basket case and Santorum can’t stop talking about sex, contraception and Satan vs the US. More worrying is that the economy’s a disaster and his views on money, inflation and the Federal Reserve are completely bizarre.

  3. Ok so when did you leave the Catholic church Mahons?

    The speech Santorum gave was before a group of young clergy getting ready to go out and face the world, I guess who should have talked about what, football, and why didn’t you have Maxine Waters quotes in there from a few days ago calling Republicans Demons that walk the halls of Congress… very selective, very droll, and very half truthful Mahons.

    Kateyo provides us an example of a chump. She has swallowed what she was supposed to hook line and sinker. Lets look at what happened in the light of reality, God knows it’s not a place most of you are familiar with.

    There were 20 republican debates each time there was a debate Obama’s numbers dropped, but that is to be expected. That however is something the left can not tolerate.

    So in steps the little pretty boy George Stephanopolis former Clinton Administration Official, who like so many on the left when they leave the dirty tricks dept of some elected Democrat step into Journalism as a “non-biased” reporter.

    Well lets flashback lil Georgi porgy went a mythological journey in one of the last debates about a state banning contraception what would the candidate do.

    Then a week later Kathleen Sebealious drops her little bomb that the Catholic Church must pay for Contraception and abortions, then you pull out a four year old tape of Santorum talking to seminary students, Romney well my god he’s in a cult, and Gingrich is a converted catholic so of course the press being fair and balanced must ignore everything else and concentrate on contraception…. yet Katy thinks it’s what the Republicans want to talk about. and not a coordinated effort to keep the topic off of EVERYTHING else.

    Your not a very bright girl our ya, and did you have trouble keeping your knickers on, because some of the things you believe makes me wonder how challenging it was.

  4. Troll

    You’ve posted a fair few rambling ravings on ATW in your wonderful time here, but this one has to rank at least in the top 10.

    We luvs ya baby 🙂

  5. Santorum is a religious nutter. But in the present Republican party that’s an advantage. It certainly helped Palin. Imagine a speech like that in the UK, or anywhere else in the west. It’s more like the claptrap spouted by the mullahs in Iran and their sock-puppet president.

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