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By ATWadmin On August 2nd, 2007

I didn’t want to let the collapse of the bridge over the Mississippi go without comment. What a terrible event and I am so sorry for those who were caught up in this tragedy. I can think of no more horrible fate than to be driving your car home and then suddenly be flung into the watery depths. Terrifying. But sometimes these things just happen, awful thought they are. Worryingly, however, the bridge was only forty years old.  I noticd that the bridge only scored 50 out of 100 on a scale given by structural engineers, which makes me wonder why drastic action was not taken, given the amount of traffic driven across that bridge.   


  1. State run bridges
    State run levies

    Anyone seeing a connection?

  2. Yes. They work 99% of the time.

  3. CL

    The Titanic was run by private enterprise. So was the Hindenburg. So was the British ferry which capsized at Zeebrugge in the 1980s. So are most of the aircraft which crash every year.

    Do I see a pattern here?

  4. To be honest, I was just thinking about the terrible death those people met, didn’t want to get into a whole state vs private enterprise debate. The thing is I was talking to a friend who is a structual engineer just the other day and it brought home to me how important the utmost rigour is in all building jobs of any stature. Anyway, I hope the divers get the bodies from the sunken cars and my prayers are for the families.

  5. It was a blessing that the school bus with 52 children didn’t plunge into the water.

  6. This kind of thing should never happen in America. Third world countries? Sure. America? There is no excuse. I feel terrible for those people who died and their families. What a horrible way to go.

  7. A very tragic story. Lucky that more lives werent lost. Those that did lose loved ones deserve our sympathies

  8. I have a friend in Minneapolis, and was very happy to hear that she’s fine.


    –State run bridges
    State run levies

    Anyone seeing a connection?–

    Yeah, that people are still making stupid comments.

  9. "Yeah, that people are still making stupid comments. "

    That’s not a connection, that’s a self-fulfilling statement. Well done.