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What recession? Foreigners are to be offered free treatment for HIV on the NHS for the first time under controversial plans backed by ministers.

Those from abroad, including failed asylum seekers, students and tourists are currently barred from receiving free HIV treatment – unlike other infectious diseases. However, the Government is to support proposals recommended by peers which will end the “anomaly” and allow free treatment even for those not legally settled in Britain.

Campaigners argue that the free treatment is essential as it reduces the risk of Britons being infected – and can help people to be treated for HIV before their condition becomes serious and life-threatening. However, ministers are braced for criticism that the decision may prompt so-called “health tourism” and put the NHS under financial pressure at a time when hospitals are being forced to find cuts. It typically costs up to £7,000 a year to treat someone diagnosed with HIV and an average of £300,000 per patient over their lifetime with the disease.

Madness. This will turn the UK into an even greater destination for health tourism from sub-Saharan Africa. And we wonder why they come in their droves, infected with disease. We do not have an NHS we have an International Health Service and the unfortunate taxpayer is going to have to cough up much more to fund it.

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  1. No ‘may’ about it. We are now signalling to the world come and have free Aids treatment here in the UK and they will come, legal aliens, illegal aliens, treatment seekers, you name them. But the Government needs to remember that not everyone in this land of ours who have contributed to our health system is now receiving the treatment they have paid for. Here in West Wales the Hywel Dda Health Board is refusing to sanction the treatment of Cataracts in a second eye and closing services in the hospitals on the Western periphery of Wales, e.g. Aberystwyth and Haverfordwest thus subjecting patients to long journies (up to 100 miles there and back) What a way to run a service – those that pay shall give way to those who do not.

  2. “However, the Government is to support proposals recommended by peers which will end the “anomaly” …

    Yes, the anomoly being that there’s someone, somewhere on the planet I’m not paying for. Well Atlas is shrugging.

    Yesterday Gideon Osborne said that the government has run out of money. No shit?! You want to see how we’re doing down here you parasite. If you don’t want to run out of our money then stop spending it. You can making a start by not inviting in every parasite from Bongo Bongo Land.

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