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By ATWadmin On August 3rd, 2007

question.jpgJust clicked on this really important news release from the Tennessee Department of Correction which advises all those visitors to inmates that the wearing of bust-enhancing water brassieres and/or thongs is not allowed, and any infringements will result in the visitor being turned away.

Now just a couple of things sprang to mind once I read this; and they are as follows:-

How does the guard actually check if the visitor is wearing a thong? Or in fact a water brassiere? That would be a really good thing to feature in, say, the Guide to Corrections Staff training video!

Visiting time in Tennessee prisons must really be fun-filled occasions!



3 Responses to “hun.n.n.n.h.h.h?”

  1. Well, water brassieres is a new one to me! As to how you check for one – I dunno – a judicious pin?

  2. Water bras?? LOL.Vodka bras. Even better. I assume this would pose a bigger problem for the aviation industry, in these days of no liquids.

  3. "Visiting time’s lost all it’s fun,
    without the hacksaw blade in the current bun".