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I see that the popular Clothing chain Urban Outfitters has caused a little controversy in the States by selling these T-shirts…

In bad taste: America's largest Irish American group has sent a letter to Urban Outfitters calling for the range to be pulled from stores

It appears that the largest Irish-American organisation in the U.S., the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America, is far from pleased with the garments. Wonder why – too fat to get into them?

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2 thoughts on “LEPRECHAUN ALERT!

  1. What a Hoot!

    The American-faux-Irish get their knickers in a twist over things that the Irish would laugh at.

    That’s because many Irish-Americans (most 25th generation Irish) really believe that Ireland is uber-Conservative, Nationalistic and reflects the ideals of the “Fighting Irish”.

    They really see Ireland as a smaller version of America with the same ideals and Holy Catholic fervour.

    How VERY wrong they are.

    Even those who have “French tongued” the Blarney Stone and swallow a few pints of Guinness on their whirl-wind tours have the notion. because they really never met the “Irish” on their 5-day excursions.

    It takes years of exposure to the culture to realise that Ireland isn’t about Jimmie Cagney in the “Fighting 69th” dying for God and country or Ronald Reagan asking the Notre Dame (Fighting Irish) to “win one for the Gipper”.

    It’s about erecting a statue of Ché Guvevara in Galway or the Socialist marchers on May day parading down O’Connell Street:


    Or the The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign infesting the very halls of both of Houses of the Oireachtas.

    Irish-Americans are so gullible!

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