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“There is nothing illegal in the £11m remuneration to a director but many observers, and politicians, believe there should be legislation to stop such sums being paid.
‘This case underlines the lack of scrutiny of what matters in our national game, and the Sports Minister is right when he says change is overdue.

‘Supporters have a profound emotional investment in their clubs and it’s only right they should know where the money flows. While nobody expects all club owners are acting purely from the goodness of their hearts, this is a truly shocking.”

My attitude, being one who supports  or follows no sport whatsoever, is simple:- The Man took a dividend from a Company of which he is a director. Nothing more, nothing less! As long as he declares his earning in his Company and taxation accounts, he has got absolutely nothing to be either worried or ashamed about!

It is, after all, only a GAME.

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