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I found this a disturbing story;

Unemployment has doubled to more than 50% among young black men according to figures disclosed last night.

The statistics also showed that joblessness among black people of both genders aged 16 to 24 – excluding students – had increased at almost twice the rate of young white people since the start of the recession. From the last three months of 2008 to the last three months of 2011, the proportion of economically active black people in the age group who were out of work rose from 28.8% to 47.4%. This was more than double the rate for young white people, which went up from 15% to 20.8%.

I wonder why young black people are so affected? Why is this specific demographic so startlingly high? It is surely not acceptable to have almost HALF the young black community on the dole? At a time when more and more eastern Europeans can travel here and get jobs, why can young black people not? Some may try to use these statistics to imply a degree of racism amongst employers but I suggest that there is more to it than that. We need to ensure that all young people, regardless of colour, have access to useful employment and Government should see this as a warning signal.

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  1. There was a study done which showed that young black males at least did ok up to the age of a bout 11 in education and then standards slipped as they became caught up in gang culture plus having no suitable male role models particularly in the Afro-Caribbean cultures.
    I suspect a lot of them don’t have a clue how the real world views them once they get to a certain age with rap, gangsta and other cultural mores to overcome.

  2. ‘Gifted’? In what way?

    Owing to mass immigration bringing the ‘gifted’ 3rd-worlders into the UK, the number of blacks in the UK is the fastest growing demographic – they also breed rapidly and indiscriminately. It is unlikely that the labour market, even in a strong economy, could absorb and make use of this great bounty for which we useless, lazy natives have not shown proper appreciation.

    Think of how ‘vibrant’ a walk back from the pub is now. It used to be a mere walk, but now it’s an adventure to get home unscathed and with all your money still in your pocket – wonderful, exhilarating and invigorating.

  3. Allan@Aberdeen
    Did you see that poster about racists? Would you like someone to explain it to you?

  4. Some may try to use these statistics to imply a degree of racism amongst employers

    Yeah, some will. Bloody trouble makers, you’d have to be mad to jump to such a conclusion.

  5. The trouble with news stories like these is that there is an unwillingness to be truthfull. The left will shout ‘racism’ at any criticism of the attitudes of some young black men, and the right will shout ‘PC fascism’ at any suggestion that racism plays a part in these levels of black uneployment. The truth is, it’s a mixture of both and each feeds on the other.

  6. This guy has the “problem” identified………………..Alas, if he could only come up with a game changer:

  7. No Peter, I confess I read the first line of that post and then moved on to the next. I should have been more spacific that I only included the rational suggestions above.

  8. Chris, Petr – in spite of your empty-headed dialogue, the question stands:

    ‘Gifted’? In what way?

  9. In some communities, hard work, especially in service jobs, and education are actively looked down upon.

    The micro culture sucks. It has litte to do with any employers or school systems. I’ve seen this up close, and so have many of you.

    Bill Cosby has spoken honestly about this subject, as have aomeone others.

  10. Phantom, I’ve come across similar reactions in the Irish Traveller community when working on a few different projects. Anyone not involved in what they consider “hard work” e.g. manual labour, ducking and diving etc is someone to be sneered at.

    The reaction to anyone educated to university level is one of deep suspicion. Then again this attitude may be fostered because of the reaction they have received from people looking down their nose at them and treating them like dirt.

  11. “The reaction to anyone educated to university level is one of deep suspicion. ”

    That was also all too true in the working-class community I came from, and probably also applies in every other working-class community in the world where there’s not much chance of social mobility. It’s both a kind of communal self protection and a sense that anyone who breaks the mould becomes an outsider and dilutes the one thing such communities have to survive – solidarity.

    Once the opportunity of “bettering yourself” is open to all, that kind of inverted snobbery soon disappears.

  12. It all depends on the culture.

    Where as the dummies in America and England worship the jock straps of athletes or subliterate rappers, the kids in north Asia – including the working class – admire the educated, and study for hours on end to try to join the educated.

    I spoke to a schoolteacher in NJ who teaches fourth grade some months ago. She commented that the kids who were of a Chinese or Indian background never caused any discipline problems and always had the homework done.

    What Noel above says is largely true- but that last sentance is kind of a built in cop out for black kids who don’t study and who don’t want to work. This phenomenon exists and it exists in many places, and we’ve all seen it.

    In today’s NY Post, a prominent black legislator ( and ex cop ) is asking for schools to ban students from wearing saggy pants in to school. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/give_em_kick_in_the_saggy_pants_B0WFceEhEQnOp91CM5MvpK

    Surely, some white liberals will say that he exaggerates and that this is not a problem. But it is. A student who dresses like a slob is publicly setting himself u for failure in life. Good luck to State Senator Adams.

    The communities I represent are ground zero for sagging. Some people may think, What’s the big deal? But it’s more than someone not wearing a belt on their pants. It is symbolic of the erosion of basic, normal decency. People shouldn’t be displaying their pubic hairs. That is not normal, acceptable behavior in young people that we are grooming to be in a professional environment. You can’t dress the same on the corner as you can in corporate America — you’ll be unemployed.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/give_em_kick_in_the_saggy_pants_B0WFceEhEQnOp91CM5MvpK#ixzz1oq7PN3VU

  13. “In some communities, hard work, especially in service jobs, and education are actively looked down upon.”


    Blacks kids in Britain have to “keep it real”, or some other crap, which means they have to be stupid, feckless, menacing, into drugs and banged up asap. Anything else is being an Uncle Tom.

  14. And it’s not limited to those guys

    In Saudi and some of the Gulf states, nearly nobody seems to work.

    Even the Arab airlines hire others to work as flight attendants, etc. Because to serve others is ” below ” them. Or so they think. And then they wonder why they lag so far behind.

    Hard work is the best tonic for a person or a society.

  15. True, Phantom (about hard work)

    But I’d imagine you as an American don’t have to look as far as Saudi to find a culture of layabouts.
    I believe there are certain echelons of American society where many have never even met someone who’s ever worked. Although probably more on the West Coast than in your part.

  16. The people that I know in California ( an unscientific sampling to be sure ) are very hard working.

    But there would be those in the hollowed out rustbelt areas of Detroit or Cleveland — or in Newark or Camden or North Philly – where that may be true.

    But, as you would know, some of the hardest working people on the face of the earth would be black or Latin ” strivers ” born into poverty in a rough area , but who work their way out of it by dint of education other hard work. I know some of these people.

    And trust me, they have no time at all for the deadbeat neighbors who want to get high and collect a check every month. No time at all. These are hard working, churchgoing people who swim against the tide and there are many of them all across the country.

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