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And that’s how it works.

I see that Howard McKeon (R-CA), Republican chairman of the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, has urged Obama to neither flinch nor retreat in Afghanistan. Speaking thousands of miles away from where the action is, he said that now is time to persevere while urging Obama to “rally the American people to this cause and demonstrate the will to win.” I’m sure his chairmanship and steadfast example have nothing to do with his top contributors:

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4 thoughts on “HIS MASTER’S VOICE

  1. Pete – I’m shocked, SHOCKED, to find you impugning the integrity of one of the most respected members of The House. Surely you must know that there is no influence brought to bear on the Members of Congress by the banking and corporate oligarchy. The very idea that arms manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, oil, banking and media interests could procure the elected representatives of the people is an affront, and I am sure that PMT (Phantom, mahons, troll) will agree.

  2. Allan –

    Me? Impugn the motives of an esteemed public servant? A man who recently called for more spending on missile defence systems which are provided by … Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics?

    Bent as a two-bob note, I think is the description.

  3. Ya think Nancy Palosi, Barbara Boxer and the Dumbocrats are angels, Pete?

    At least Mr McKeon is doing his part for the security of his country by supporting the best suppliers of killing machines available.

    Besides, look at his name. He’s got them age-old Oirish genes. You know the “Cute-Hoor” ones that make him park on double-yellow lines and take back-handers from Bankers and developers.

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