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Interior Minister Theresa May, pointless lickspittle that she is, has approved yet another extradition, of yet another Briton, to the US for no crime committed on US soil.

My advice to Richard O’Dwyer, the human political sacrifice, is to go far, far away if he still can. Get another passport, get on a ferry to Spain as the first move, get going and keep going until he reaches a jurisdiction which doesn’t kiss Uncle Sam’s backside. Dubai, for example.

If he doesn’t do that he has no chance.

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    Exactly .. you can love your country, by all means … but you had better fear your government.

  2. The state can be good, or bad, or it can make mistakes.

    It can very much be your friend.

    Harri, where the hell you been?

  3. In this case he certainly seems to have profited from a criminal scheme. I don’t see why you have to pretend every extradition involves some random innocent.

  4. Mahons –

    He lives in England. How can he be under the jursidiction of a federal American law?

  5. This is what ‘the state’ is doing:


    A teenager has been arrested for allegedly making comments on Facebook about the deaths of six British soldiers in Afghanistan last week.
    According to Sky News, Azhar Ahmed of Ravensthorpe (19) posted comments on his profile page, criticizing the level of attention British soldiers who died in a bomb blast received, compared to that received by Afghan civilians killed in the war.
    He was arrested on Friday and charged over the weekend.
    A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “He didn’t make his point very well and that is why he has landed himself in bother.”

    Now, I am very sure that I will disagree with the opinions of my muslim ‘compatriot’ and, if I had my way, he wouldn’t be in this country. But he is here and he ise being used by the state to provide the pretext to remove my liberties. This is the state in action. THINK ABOUT IT – a young man has “landed himself in bother” because of what he wrote on Facebook, the Facebook which was created by the CIA.

  6. A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “He didn’t make his point very well and that is why he has landed himself in bother.”

    What the…I mean, truly, what the “F”??!! Just read it again: “He didn’t make his point very well, and that is why he is in bother”????!!!
    What if he had chosen to “make his point” with semtex instead? I bet we wouldn’t be able to deport him or take any sort of action against him!

  7. Pete,

    Ms May may (pun) not be legally correct, but the United States does Prison and death sentences better than the UK.

    Besides, the miscreant can order better pizza in the U.S.

  8. Have to agree with Allen here. I saw that too and was uneasy about the process.

    Far better to just track him down and let the EDL have his address…..kidding!

  9. Dog – are you agreeing that there should be none or few muslims in this country (my opinion) or are you agreeing that those who are here have the rights of opinion (facebook is assumed private by the user anyway) provided there is no incentive to violence? The fact that this guy has been arrested for the reasons stated makes me shudder even though I have no doubt whatsoever that I would disagree with his opinions – but the latter is not the issue.

  10. Allan- Frankly I don’t want any of them here. However they are here and we have to deal with it.

    My concern is that it appears to be an affront to his freedom of expression. If it is the case that his actions /words /deeds are likely to cause ‘harrassment alarm or distress’ then OK call a constable.

    Like I said it would probably be better to calmly explain why he’s a horses ass…….however tempting it might be to just baseball bat the shiyite out of him.

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