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hamas%20school.jpgWe all agree with Condi Rice, the UN, the EU and even Osloid Olmert that Palestinians are fundamentally decent people who really DO need a State they can call their own so they can get on with the really important issues in life such as….killing Jews. Right? Except it doesn’t always work out the way the Palestinians plan.

"Qassam rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists struck the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, killing an eight-year-old boy and his six-year-old sister, and injuring five other children. The rocket, fired at Israel, fell short and hit the children’s house in the village of Beit Lahiya. No group claimed responsibility. Moaiya Hassanain, a Palestinian health official, said the wounded were evacuated to hospital for medical treatment. The Kamal Adwan hospital identified the dead children as eight-year-old Wesam Abed Allah and his six-year-old sister Hala. The Associated Press had earlier quoted witnesses as saying the blast was the result of the children playing with a homemade rocket or a mortar shell that they had stumbled upon. It is not uncommon for Qassam rockets fired at Israel to land inside the Gaza Strip."

Three point to be made here…

1. Odd how Palestinians firing rockets into Israel is not news, it’s ony when they kill their own through their innate stupidity that it registers with the MSM.

2. There is no outcry from the UN and the liberal MSM at the matter of fact comments of the "Palestinian Health Official" – it’s just one of those unfortunate things when you murder two young kids.

3. The more space Palestinians are given, the more they try to inflict death on Israelis. But rather than face down Hamas and Al Fatah, Israel arms one (Fatah) and the EU channels €€€Millions to the other. The death cult is indulged, it should be expunged. Only when Olmert falls can this process be revived.

When it comes to Hamas, Israel needs to make war, not peace. That comes AFTER the Jihadists are destroyed.

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