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I’m always pleased to receive mail from our erudite and well-informed readership. And then there’s the mail I receive from Patrick McAleer, which I want to share WITH YOU as I know his words of wisdom will impress. Earlier today he penned the following important message…

"you are obviously bollox neo-con propaganda evidenced by the fact you support the colonists/unionists in the north of Ireland."

Intrigued, I requested more information from him, and he has graciously sent me another message….

one thing i am not, is a bigot. Mr Vance, how does it feel to know that the majority of the world supports the cause for irish freedom and unification? No doubt you will blame the old republican propaganda machine, instead of actually realising the truth….that nobody likes to support bigots .The UKUP done really well in the elections…..HAHAHA !

Patrick’s unique style of writing (I left his punctuation intact) certainly gave me pause for thought and I hope you, dear reader, will also tremble with awe at the machinations of such a mind. I hope Patrick will share more of his thoughts with us on ATW and am sure his fellow Irish republicans will relish seeing one from their fold express such eloquent and substantive political comments.

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54 thoughts on “A READER WRITES…!

  1. David

    I guess your invitation for ‘St’ Patrick to join your esteemed team of writers is winging it’s way to him as we speak 🙂

  2. Paddy Mac – sounds like the typical thick-mick uncouth Oirishman to me 🙂 I wonder could it be our chubby friend ‘Shrek’ Gaskin posting as a glovepuppet?

  3. Hannah,

    No idea but he has decided to share his thoughts with me and I just wanted to give a little bit of love out to all ATW readers and let them see just how…erm..profound some of my critics are.

  4. I like the previous letter better that you shared with us a while back. That one deserves a rerun sometime in the future – it was classic.

    Welcome to the Club of Bigots David, it’s nice to know you’re an official member now. Do you want a cap or a t-shirt?

  5. It was an exquisitely written rant against David and ATW Hannah. It was delightful to read!!!

  6. I feel lazy darling, you do it!

    Or easier, David could just repost that piece of perfection.

  7. Colm, do want a hat too?

    I think a sexist hat would be more fun, but we don’t seem to get that award here.

  8. Well Daphne, while you are searching for it, I am going off to bed, and I will try and not to have nightmares about Noel’s tongue!

    Good night all

  9. No FR, that’s not the one. This one was by an Irish fellow who could seriously write well! It was a very eloquent rant. I think it may have been up in February.

    How did you do that search? Sweet!

  10. DV.

    I hesitate to ask at this hour, but just how ‘safe’ is it for a colonist/unionist, living in South Down and so close to Armagh?
    Do you have a front door spy-hole, or maybe cctv?

    I mean…is it safer than Tower Hamlets, where, if you don’t recognise the postman it’s best to pass down a basket on a rope.

  11. Don’t worry Daphne its ok, I’m off to bed. FR’s link to the other letter was upsetting.

    I’d no idea that went on.

    Nothing is sacred, not even the dead.

  12. Daphne:

    In this case I simply clicked on the "ATW" category and found it. As ATW doesn’t have a search facility, then you’ll probably have to look through the archives to find the letter. I looked in February, and it doesn’t appear to be there, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I feel a great urge to read it.

  13. Here I’ll just print this masterpiece and ya’ll can follow the link above for the assorted comments……

    Every day, the ATW mail box fills up with a range of interesting views, most of which are constructive and I do appreciate you taking the time to write to me. Sometimes, purely down to work pressures, I may miss your mail or might not reply, and I hope you will forgive me. However, every now and then, I read an outstanding email, and so it is that I bring you the unexpurgated wisdom of a Mr Niall O’Riordan, who I’m guessing might just be Irish. Here is what he has to say…..

    Dear Sir,

    It truly is a sad day when ill-informed, mentally deficient folk such
    as yourself are given access to the internet. I found your blog to be
    a collection of bigotted, ignorant, homophobic tripe.

    Unfortunately, I am positive that you will continue with your journal
    of idiocy and many other people will stumble accross your site,
    totally by accident I might add, only to be exposed to your ridiculous
    thoughts and beliefs.

    The saddest part is that your brain has such a limited capacity that
    you’ll believe that it is me that is the idiot.

    This belief is WRONG!!!

    IT IS YOU!!

    But there is hope. Its not too late, and even you can learn to be a
    better person.

    I wish you very little in the future except enough complaints about
    your ridiculous blog that you might stop it.

    You’re a shining example of modern Britain and it’s fabulous education system.

    Yours Sincerly,

    A Friend……….

    Now then, I’m sure that Niall will want to hear your views – assuming his sedation has worn off….

  14. Thanks Daphne.

    Some hate mail can really be hilarious. Jihad Watch gets some particularly good stuff, I find, as does LGF. And the Moorewatch website has a particularly amusing archive of stuff it has received from outraged fans of Michael Moore.

  15. I’ll have to check out Moorewatch, that’s new to me. I hate Michael Moore, so it should be fun. LGF is an old particular favorite, I love Charles the Lizard King.

    This letter was good, huh! I think we had some massive fun in the comments too.

  16. When I posted on the sad and stupid death of young Kane Small, I received a few forwarded e-mails defending the parents of this six-year old boy, and indeed posted one as a follow-up on ATW.

    The two depressing and repeated themes of these comments was firstly that the parents didn’t no (sic) that he was on the bike; and that the vehicle was in fact a scrambler, as this somehow made everything right!

    I ask you, a six-year old boy riding through rough terrain on either a scrambler or a mini-motor bike, resulting in injuries from which he died? Concerned parents? Idiots, more likely!

  17. David,

    He sounds like a nationalist version of Juan! And here’s me thinking we were all eloquent poets…

  18. Juan,

    I must say your style has much improved when compared to your initial offerings. I would add that the content has always been, and is, interesting to read, – not that I always agree with it…

    The secret to enjoying blogs is to take insults as a compliment – it usually means you have ‘hit a sore spot’, and to take the occasional flattery with ‘a pinch of salt’, – and a wry smile!

    n.b. This post does not fall into either category…!

  19. Please don’t invite Patrick McAleer to become a contributor. It would only be a matter of time before he turned off the comments option.

  20. Juan,

    Inarticulate hysteria.

    Although, in fairness, you are one of the more colourful characters in the Occupied Six Counties 😉 blogosphere.

  21. You’ll need alot more of these type of letters David if you want to balance it out with most of Andrew’s stuff.

  22. What is this with Andrew.

    Is it lets all find somebody to hate? Does it make you all feel part of the herd.

    Leave the lad alone.

  23. Hannah,

    Andrew is a valued member of the ATW team who writes passionately and makes great points. Some within the republican brotherhood take great exception to his writings but so what? Andrew is more than fit for them all!

  24. What is this with Andrew.

    Hannah, Im thinking your English, but I could be wrong.
    Assuming you are though. Could you put your hand on your heart and truly say that if it was English people that were the butt end of most of Andrews posts, that you wouldnt take offence! . Seriously. Or if he his English posts all used the "Inglish" as opposed to "English". Or if he advocated the joy of burning the English flag ?

  25. I think he is misjudged. His writings are passionate and always interesting.

    I wish he’d opened up on his music thread.

  26. Apologies Of course Hannah if my assumptions on your nationality are wrong. I was just guessing

  27. I thought you knew. Didn’t we have a conversation as regards rubbish collection and compare things both ends of the border

  28. I’m British from Belfast.

    Well thats cleared that up. Thanks

    I think he is misjudged.

    I enjoy some of his posts on non Irish topics, not all mind you. However, his Irish posts put a lot of people on the defensive. I dont agree that he is misjudged on these (for a lot of them anyway).

  29. Didn’t we have a conversation as regards rubbish collection and compare things both ends of the border

    ah yes we did indeed… oh, the old memory aint what it used to be 🙂

  30. "I’m British from Belfast."

    Just to make that clear eh? Still, better than saying "Northern Irish" (shudder)

  31. By the way, the thing I liked most about Andrews posts were that they spurred on debate, no matter what the topic. With that ability to debate now gone, they’ve lost that attraction for me.

  32. Northern Irish

    Some funny discussions took place on Calton there a while back where alot of people were saying that it was high time NI was renamed to "British Ulster" so that any confusion as to the nationality of those from NI could be removed and so that people would not continuously falsely identify people from NI as being Irish in the ROI sense.

  33. "Some funny discussions took place on Calton there a while back where alot of people were saying that it was high time NI was renamed to "British Ulster" so that any confusion as to the nationality of those from NI could be removed and so that people would not continuously falsely identify people from NI as being Irish in the ROI sense."


  34. Mr. McAleer seems upset. I wonder why he took the route of personal correspondence over the more public debate, not willing to enter the fray? Perhaps he wanted to keep the ATW comment count down?

    In any event as one who finds himself in the loyal opposition often on ATW, and clearly a plastic paddy with troubling left of center moments, I feel in position to say that the McAleer charge against Mr. V. lacks class and accuracy.

    In fact, one of the attractions of ATW (I leave aside the bard of Yorkshire) is the spirited debate from all sides, and a forum not only for conservative views but liberal ones as well. The give and take probably helps everyone sharpen their arguments and understanding on the various issues of the day.

    So Mr. McAleer, wherever you are, join in the spirited cacophony of divergent views here or slink off to your own private martyrdom of morose monotony.

  35. Alan: Sorry, I should have been a Nixon speechwriter.

    Looks like The Phantom missed out on the greatest news story to hit Bay Ridge Brooklyn since they filmed Saturday Night Fever there. First Tornado in 118 years. According to his website he is over in China (that dude travels) probably telling them the need to install cocktail bars on the Great Wall if they really want a tourist attraction.

    You know, the Con Edison explosion was a block from me, and with the near miss of The Phantom yesterday I am concerned because these things come in threes. Alan – do not go near Niagra Falls this weekend! Some higher power is targeting ATW’s New York State contingent.

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