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I wonder where Islamists get the idea that Britain is a soft touch?

Abu Qatada has been upgraded to a larger taxpayer-funded home since his release from jail last month. The terror suspect has told relatives in his native Jordan that he is the ‘happiest man in England’ after he was rehoused to the more expensive property. His wife and five children are also said to be ‘delighted’ with the move, because their new home has more bedrooms, a bigger garden and more modern fittings.  Qatada, who was once described by a judge as ‘Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe’, asked to switch houses a week after being freed from prison.

One can understand his delight – after all the idea of living in a large taxpayer funded property is not unappealing and all the more delightful when the person occupying it is an international convicted terrorist.  Let this be a lesson to any other Jihad preachers, if you dare come to the UK you will soon find yourself banged up…in a large and agreeable property at the taxpayers expense.

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  1. Sure, his new grand digs probably has 6 bathrooms with Gold plated taps and oversized bidets, but this smarmy, goat fornicator is so unevolved he still squats over the imported Swedish jacuzzi to take a dump.

  2. Oh make no mistake he’s suffering. The British taxpayer has provided him with a very substandard household staff of Butler, Footman, Various maids etc.

    Plus he’s only got last years model Rolls Royce Phantom to be chauffered around in.

    Shouldn’t be surprised if the Human Right’s lot don’t take up his case.

  3. Good grief, It’s time maybe to turn that ever fading light at the end of the tunnel off 🙂

  4. Surely by now it must be dawning on even the slowest of you that this is deliberate. The authorities are rubbing your noses in it and claiming that there’s nothing they can do about it. As for me, I know that it’s deliberate so this neither upsets nor surprises me. Now ask yourself: who keeps this Jordanian and hos family here and why?

  5. Sounds like a perfect reason to avoid handing taxes to the State whenever possible.

    Last week George Osborne described tax avoidance as morally repugnant. I suspect those of us who are governed feel that this too is equally, if not more, morally repugnant.

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