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Is the UK about to see the Army deliver fuel to petrol stations?

Army drivers are being trained to deliver fuel to petrol stations in case of a possible strike by tanker drivers. The Unite union is balloting on industrial action, saying there have been “unrelenting attacks” on drivers’ terms and conditions. Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said the government had “learnt the lessons” of the past and stood “ready to act” in case of a walkout. Unite said the government should be putting pressure on oil companies.

Our economy and indeed our daily lives runs on ready access to fuel. Take that away and the country comes grinding to a halt. That, of course, is exactly what Unite what to see. They are all about division and chaos, as one might expect from such a militant and selfish trade union.

Meanwhile the Petrol Retailers’ Association which represents around 5,500 forecourts and its chairman, Brian Madderson, said he did not think the government was prepared for a strike.

He told the BBC: “We have had no word from the Department of Energy and Climate Change whatsoever. “So we have not been asking our members to keep their stocks at a high level. “We just haven’t heard anything from the Department of Energy at all.”

If these drivers think they can hold the country to ransom they should be sent the clear message that this will not pass. Unite are continually looking for ways to confront the Coalition and this is but the latest wheeze.

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6 thoughts on “PUMP IT UP…

  1. Hey Pete

    What do you think of this ” interference in the market ” by the evil state?

  2. Phantom –

    What market? The sector is severely regulated by government, cartelised by suppliers and unionised by labour.

    Only such intereference can produce disputes where strikes are threatened, and the military cited to keep supplies going, in a sector supplying a good for which there is universal demand.

    Look, if Unite is not telling the truth, then we have yet another instance of trade union agitation. If it is correct, that “unrelenting attacks” on drivers’ terms and conditions” have been happening, well as I said, it’s a cartelised industry. Such attacks can only continue to happen where there’s an imbalance between employers and labour.

    The sustainable answer is to have more employers, more competition between employers and more options for labour.

  3. “Thumbs up David for the E C song title”

    Colm, I was also somewhat chuffed at recognising the song the “Abu Qatada..” post title is from.

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