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It’s not such a laugh now, eh?

Liam Stacey, a 21-year old Biology undergrad, has been banged up for 56 days after pleading guilty to a racially-aggravated public order offence. After drinking all day he decided to mock Fabrice Muamba on Twitter as doctors tried to keep him alive on the pitch at White Hart Lane. When others took offence at his comments he carried on, said some pretty unleasant things, whereupon the police received complaints and now Stacey’s doing time. You can see his comments here.

Granted, he was a prat and said some unpleasant things, but 56 days? You can get a suspended sentence now for assault or rape, but as Ed West says, all sense goes out the window when race is involved. It’s the prism through which the ruling class sees all and the excuse for constraining so many of our liberties. So no, despite his remarks being uncharitable and unpleasant, Stacey should not now be in prison. If he was inciting violence against anyone it was against himself.

Having his face plastered all over the press is a well-deserved punishment, as should be the approbrium of society and his father’s boot up his backside. But banged up for being a twat? That’s not it. He’s been banged up for a thought crime.

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  1. Where are all the liberals with their ‘I may disagree with what you say….’? I prefer my dad’s old saying ‘never mind what people say, look at what they do’

  2. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but calling never hurts me”. That is the saying I was brought up with. The first time I ever heard swearing of a downright obscene nature from a girl was at a football match at Elland Road. I was shocked. But now obscene swearing is everywhere particularly in American films. As for me, I rarely swear – it is just not necessary. But I have to agree with Pete. Jail for swearing especially when there is a racial element is a thought crime and that I cannot accept.

  3. There is no way that what this twat did justifies a custodial sentence. We come again to the issue of free speech. He has the right to be a twat. He has the right to be foul-mouthed and offensive.
    He is in the same place as the protestors in France in favour of the gunman. I despise what they stand for, but are we really going to jail (or as Phantom suggests, hang) people for this sort of thing?

  4. Concur.

    This guy’s a creep, but if your government starts prosecuting people for things like this, there is no end to it.

  5. A biology undergrad?

    Further proof, as if it were needed, that brains does not equal wisdom.

    Was that woman who went on anti foreigner rant on the train ever released?

  6. So, for an essentially victimless speech crime she’s had her life ruined.


  7. The law is mad, sure enough. Does anyone have a link where you can actually read the silly thing?

  8. This seems to be it here


    Scroll down (about half way down the page) to

    Offences contrary to sections 5, 4A, 4, of the Act and section 91 Criminal Justice Act 1967

    It’s clear at any rate that the behaviour is an offence even without the “racially-aggravated” element, which it appears makes it worse. It also says the maximum penalty is a fine.

  9. I think he should have been jailed for a lot longer and more publicity made of it. That way, some of the bovine mass will (maybe) become aware that social networking actually was created as a means of Big Brothering them and the smart ones will stay the hell away from it.

  10. Why, do they not just rename it ‘Twatter’ and be done with it? .. like farcebook, it’s a 21st century curse.

  11. Interesting how no-one has come on to agree with the legal decisions made in this case.

  12. social networking actually was created as a means of Big Brothering

    Is this another one of your nutter conspiracy theories? Mark Zuckerberg is actually a CIA agent or something? Getting on for half the internet population has an account on Facebook now

  13. Phantom

    But equally there is very little outcry over this jailing, neither in the press or amongst the public. It’s a very awkward case to defend without being seen to be sympathetic to the nasty young idiot.

  14. This case is very like the Robin Hood Airport case which is still ongoing:

    “A Doncaster man who said on Twitter that he would blow up a snowbound airport if it was not reopened in time for him to fly to see his girlfriend will appeal to the high court in London on Wednesday to overturn a criminal conviction for menacing use of a public communication system.

    Lawyers for Paul Chambers have argued that his message was not intended to menace the airport authorities and was “a jest, a joke, a parody”. They have claimed that the imposition of a fine and criminal record breach his rights to free expression under the European convention on human rights. The case is believed to be the UK’s first criminal conviction for the content of a tweet.”

  15. There is a lot to be concerned with there.

    The arrest and pending trial of the woman on the train, and now this. Based on dangerous law and/or bad judgement by the police / prosecution service.

    Neither incident could happen in this country, yet. We do many bad things with our own idiot laws and functionaries, but I don’t see that we’d be jailing people for those admittedly bad speech actions.

    I never dismiss the thought of the slippery slope. Your restrictions on speech will become worse. We will follow you down the slope, as you follow us on our imbecilities.

  16. I’m sorry there MUST be more to this surely, or that video is a fake. Most of it is not worth responding to. A wog? Cotton-picker. Is that is?

  17. Phantom –

    “Based on dangerous law and/or bad judgement by the police / prosecution service.”

    If you’re, say, a copper, a prosecutor or a magistrate intent on doing all the courses, getting good reviews and climbing the greasy pole without a thought for who you step on, it’s very good judgement.

    This incident only took place last week and the bloke’s already in prison. This is exemplary punishment fast-tracked.

    This is exactly what liberty nutters like me have been banging on about for years. Just one generation ago it would have astonished Britons that anyone could be imprisoned for simply rude comments. It’s becoming more and more common because it’s a burgeoning reign of political terror. The point is to shape minds and cow opposition by making some thoughts so verboten that people will lose their liberty if they voice them.

    It didn’t just happen. It’s the result of policies thought out and deliberately inflicted on the British people.

  18. Geoff Watts –

    “Mark Zuckerberg is actually a CIA agent or something?”

    I have no idea if he’s a CIA man, or something, although the CIA has spent many years influencing the press. Facebook et al would might be an extension of that kind of op now that technology has moved past the printed media.

    Although Zuckerberg is undoutbedly the kind of man the CIA would like to know well (educated, bright, very well connected, familiar with Bilderberg gatherings and with good reason to travel) I’d look more for a connection through In-Q-Tel, the CIA venture capital arm.

    Other than that, Facebook has close relations with Goldman Sachs, which sank $450 million into it not so long ago, so there’ll be undoubted connections there also.

  19. Bad law makes bad cases.

    This won’t be the end of it.

    Yes, I see your point about the kapos in the prosecution service. They’re harming the country.

  20. social networking actually was created as a means of Big Brothering

    Is this another one of your nutter conspiracy theories?

    Geoff – as you are one of the great bovine mass, the answer is ‘yes’: it’s just a ‘conspiracy’. Move along now, and don’t forget to eat your fodder.


    – The third board member of Facebook is Jim Breyer. He is a partner in the venture capital firm Accel Partners, who put $12.7m into Facebook in April 2005. On the board of such US giants as Wal-Mart and Marvel Entertainment, he is also a former chairman of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA). Now these are the people who are really making things happen in America, because they invest in the new young talent, the Zuckerbergs and the like. Facebook’s most recent round of funding was led by a company called Greylock Venture Capital, who put in the sum of $27.5m. One of Greylock’s senior partners is called Howard Cox, another former chairman of the NVCA, who is also on the board of In-Q-Tel. What’s In-Q-Tel? Well, believe it or not (and check out their website), this is the venture-capital wing of the CIA. –

  21. I think it was over the top to sentence Allan to live in Aberdeen, whatever he writes. Free Allan Now!

  22. Ah — and Pete as well. The “Allan and Pete Tin Foil Hat Double Act” on stage again.

    Wonderful. Was Facebook behind the collapse of Tower 7? I am sure that a dead Belgian “demolition expert” saw Mark Zuckerberg planting those charges. Or was it Goldman Sachs CEO, or perhaps the two of them together with their CIA controllers under the direction of the Bilderberg (or as we really know, Illuminati) group.

    So Pete — what is your view on Diana? Assassination, right?

  23. I reckon that many of ‘contributors’ to this thread are just plain stupid. The question was asked as to whether the CIA is a participant of facebook and proof of the link through a verifible money trail and interlinking finance/directorship was shown as above. The response is:

    – Wonderful. Was Facebook behind the collapse of Tower 7? I am sure that a dead Belgian “demolition expert” saw Mark Zuckerberg planting those charges. Or was it Goldman Sachs CEO, or perhaps the two of them together with their CIA controllers under the direction of the Bilderberg (or as we really know, Illuminati) group. –

    Stupidity, pure distilled stupidity, but at least Geoff can be counted on to deliver.

  24. Allan,

    May a tinfoil hat descend from outer space and land foursqaure on your brainless bonce!

  25. Geoff Watts –

    “So Pete — what is your view on Diana? Assassination, right?”

    No, that was an idiot driving too fast and losing control of his motor.

    Look, you shouldn’t ask questions if you’re not prepared to accept an answer in good faith when it’s given. You asked about Zuckerberg/Facebook and the CIA, and you’ve been given evidence of links there. In the Guardian no less.

    No wonder it went quiet on the thread as soon as you saw that.

    You said that something like a half of people online have a Facebook profile. The idea that the CIA is not interested in that is not credible.

  26. Allan

    You are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Splendid.

    Drop the nasty racist, anti-Semitic, BNP nonsense and you could easily become my favourite contributor.

  27. Do intelligence agencies and the police look at Facebook?

    Yes they do.

    Is it unwise to put any keystroke on Facebook that you would not want the government, police, or your worst enemy to see?

    Yes it is ( something that kids have a hard time realizing )

    Is a Conspiracy World / Alex Jones worldview sound, or even psychologically healthy?

    No it’s not.

  28. Pete

    Facebook is much worse than we thought. The COO, Sheryl Sandberg, is a 41 year old Jewish woman (and if that isn’t enough to set Allan off) who (and this is the bit that will set you off) used to be Chief of Staff to Larry Summers when he was Treasury Secretary under Clinton.

    Jews, bankers, politicians – it is the perfect Trifecta.

    If that doesn’t scream Black Ops then I am a grassy knoll.

  29. Geoff Watts –


    Sandberg is also on the board of the Brookings Institution, which is funded by the Ford Foundation (A CIA front group), various governments and other dodgy types. I see she was also at google, which has just appointed a CEO who moved across from the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

    You just can’t get away from these people. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s anyone in senior positions at these sites who doesn’t have gummint connections.

  30. Phantom

    Who told you that the Ford Foundation was a ” CIA Front Group “

    Stop trying to bring facts into this. Where’s the fun in that?

  31. This is getting old, Geoff.

    I fear that prolonged participation discussions of this type will make the rest of us as paranoid and crazy as they are.

    I’m quite serious.


  32. Phantom
    The only thing to do with people like Allan is to laugh at him. There is no point in engaging with conspiracy theorists. Of course the best conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theories are themselves a conspiracy theory to deflect us from the truth

  33. The sad thing is that there are times when the CIA / Mossad / MI5 do things – some of them creative and good in my humble opinion.

    But the lunatic fringe of opinion presumes an extreme competence and coordination on the part of intelligence agencies that they simply could never have and a pure evil nature that would only be found in a comic book.

  34. The thing I alway notice about these loopers is their (entirely misplaced) conceit. Everybody else is part of the ‘bovine masses’ but Allan knows better!

  35. I partly agree, Phantom. Unlike you I hate CIA/Mossad/MI5 but I agree they are far less competent than the loonies believe.

  36. A Scotsman came from Aberdeen To London to look at the Queen.
    But he drank so much ale
    That at home told a tale
    Of the Queen and her twin he had seen.

  37. If those intelligence guys had perfect knowledge or if the world could be made to act according to anyone’s plan, lots of events in the past 50 years would never have happened.

    The intelligence guys are often as incompetent as your local Motor Vehicle Dept. That’s what the conspiracy poltroons miss.

  38. Phantom –

    “Who told you that the Ford Foundation was a ” CIA Front Group “

    There was a congressional investigation about it:

    A U.S. Congressional investigation in 1976 revealed that nearly 50% of the 700 grants in the field of international activities by the principal foundations were funded by the CIA (“Who Paid the Piper? The CIA and the Cultural Cold War”, Frances Stonor Saunders, Granta Books, 1999, pp. 134-135). The CIA considers foundations such as Ford “The best and most plausible kind of funding cover” (Ibid, p. 135). The collaboration of respectable and prestigious foundations, according to one former CIA operative, allowed the Agency to fund “a seemingly limitless range of covert action programs affecting youth groups, labor unions, universities, publishing houses and other private institutions” (p. 135). The latter included “human rights” groups beginning in the 1950s to the present. One of the most important “private foundations” collaborating with the CIA over a significant span of time in major projects in the cultural Cold War is the Ford Foundation.

    Note the “The CIA considers foundations (plual – PM) such as Ford “The best and most plausible kind of funding cover”.

  39. Pete

    I don’t accept this is documentation

    This is a web site linked to a conspiracy theory type.

    The article is written by a Sociology professor ( surprise surprise ) not an intelligence expert of any kind

    The name of the university ( Binghamton , part of the NY State system- which I attended ) is misspelled in the article itself.

    I wouldn’t presume any of this to be true, or sourced in any way.

  40. Phantom –

    It’s not a conspiracy type page, it’s an article by a sociology professor. You do not need to be an intelligence insider to research and comment upon these things. In any case, note that the extract above is taken from the book it cites: “Who Paid the Piper? The CIA and the Cultural Cold War” by Frances Stonor Saunders.

    Frances Stonor Saunders is a British historian and journalist. It is she who reports the congressional investigation and provides those quotes about foundations from the CIA operative at the investigation.

    I see it’s available on Amazon and attracts very favourable reviews. For a less than flattering review (which may or may not inevitable) you can go the the CIA’s own website. That review tells us of the author and book:

    “She also does a fine job in recounting the intriguing story of how the CIA worked with existing institutions, such as the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, and established numerous “bogus” foundations to “hide” its funding of the Congress for Cultural Freedom and its other covert activities.”

    (- Thomas M. Troy, Jr., served in CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence)

  41. Let’s get back to the thread. I was asked whether Facebook was linked to the CIA so I provided clear evidence that it is. The money trail and the directorship interlocks show it quite clearly yet nobody has actually challenged the evidence provided. Let’s look at where the trail leads. Here is the Information Awareness Office and that is one helluva logo btw:


    – IAO Vision: The most serious asymmetric threat facing the United States is terrorism, a threat characterized by collections of people loosely organized in shadowy networks that are difficult to identify and define. IAO plans to develop technology that will allow understanding of the intent of these networks, their plans, and potentially define opportunities for disrupting or eliminating the threats. To effectively and efficiently carry this out, we must promote sharing, collaborating and reasoning to convert nebulous data to knowledge and actionable options. IAO will accomplish this by pursuing the development of technologies, components, and applications to produce a proto-type system. Example technologies include:

    Collaboration and sharing over TCP/IP networks across agency boundaries
    Large, distributed repositories with dynamic schemas that can be changed interactively by users
    Foreign language machine translation and speech recognition
    Biometric signatures of humans
    Real time learning, pattern matching and anomalous pattern detection
    Entity extraction from natural language text
    Human network analysis and behavior model building engines
    Event prediction and capability development model building engines
    Structured argumentation and evidential reasoning
    Story telling, change detection, and truth maintenance
    Business rules sub-systems for access control and process management
    Biologically inspired algorithms for agent control
    Other aids for human cognition and human reasoning –

  42. From the Guardian article that A@A linked to

    After 9/11, the US intelligence community became so excited by the possibilities of new technology and the innovations being made in the private sector, that in 1999 they set up their own venture capital fund, In-Q-Tel, which “identifies and partners with companies developing cutting-edge technologies to help deliver these solutions to the Central Intelligence Agency and the broader US Intelligence Community (IC) to further their missions”.”

    After 9/11… in 1999. Their technology investments have been to successful that they invented time travel.

  43. Err Fews – at the very top of the Guardian article to which I had linked was a clarification:

    – The following correction was printed in the Guardian’s Corrections and clarifications column, Wednesday January 16 2008

    The US intelligence community’s enthusiasm for hi-tech innovation after 9/11 and the creation of In-Q-Tel, its venture capital fund, in 1999 were anachronistically linked in the article below. Since 9/11 happened in 2001 it could not have led to the setting up of In-Q-Tel two years earlier. –

    Nice try and fullmarks for observation 🙂 but no cigar.

  44. Don’t stop Mad Al, you are on a roll.

    But you have such incredible insight into these things I am starting to think that you are actually a CIA agent with a mission to deflect us “bovine masses” from even thinking about these things by appearing to be so completely and utterly batshit crazy that no one in their right mind would believe a word of what you say.. Whereas in reality it IS ALL TRUE and this is a brilliant deception plan.

    Your masters at Langley (or is it Ft. Meade) must be very pleased.

    That or you really are just batshit crazy.

  45. No Geoff – I’m fully competent which is why I am prepared to argue my case and it is this:

    I was asked to show that the CIA and Facebook was not some mad conspiracy theory so I provided evidence which showed that the CIA funded Facebook and has placemen on Facebook’s board of members. None of the evidence which I put forward has been disputed by any of the ‘believers’ (people who believe what they are told to believe, by government and ‘mainstream’ media). Now Geoff, if you ask the questions, don’t be offended when I provide answers which are backed with evidence that you are unable to dispute. If you really believe my case to be weak, then show why iy is so.

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