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Well, better late than never I suppose but just WHAT has been going on in the Republic of Ireland and why did it happen and was not prevented?

New legislation has outlawed female genital mutilation in Ireland, where over 3,000 women are believed to have undergone the procedure. A bill outlawing the practise was passed into law in the Irish parliament on Wednesday. Under the new law the practise is now prohibited as is taking a girl abroad to have FGM performed. Any Irish residents in breach of the new law face prosecution and jail.

A report on the Journal.ie quotes AkiDwA, the network of African and migrant women in Ireland which had campaigned for the legislation, as saying that said that the new bill sends a clear message to parents and guardians that FGM will not be tolerated. Senator Ivana Bacik, who first proposed the Bill, said that the legislation had been long overdue in a country where over 3,000 female residents are believed to have undergone FGM.  Bacik said: “International research shows the enormous dangers to the health of women and girls represented by the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation.”

I wonder which religion is so keen on FGM?

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  1. Good luck with that, Ireland. If the UK is anything to go by, that legislation will probably NEVER be enforced.

    Lookee here at what Anne Marie Waters has to say about it.

    Female genital mutilation (FGM) involves the butchery of a young girl’s genitals. Her clitoris is cut away and in some cases, so are her inner labia and even her outer labia. She is then sewn up to be opened again (often using a knife) on her wedding night. FGM is a crime in the UK and can carry a 14 year prison sentence – or at least it would if the law were ever enforced. Despite figures and statistics showing thousands of young British girls being mutilated both here and abroad every year, nobody has ever been prosecuted for this horror.
    I spoke to the police about this who told me that the problem is one of evidence. While this may be true to some extent, we manage to prosecute parents for other sexual offences, why not this one? Why is it so much harder to gather evidence on this? Surely a routine examination of the child will provide enough proof? Forgive my cynicism but I can’t help thinking it might be a lack of will rather than evidence that is the problem here. On pushing her further, the police woman I spoke to finally got to the crux of the matter when she said “we can’t attack anyone’s culture or faith”. (God forbid). So in the meantime, more and more girls will live a life of agony because we won’t criticise a precious culture.

    Here is what I think; this happens to these girls because they aren’t white – and deep down we all know it. If a white family took a blade to their young daughter’s genitals, they would be in jail and the child in care. So what’s the difference? Are we saying that it is less of an evil to harm a young black or Asian girl or that her body is worth less? This is what multiculturalism has brought. It dehumanises young girls and makes them less important than their white counterparts. What constitutes rape and abuse for a white girl dramatically becomes “culture” (a wholly positive thing that does not change and cannot be challenged) for a black or Asian girl. It is a national disgrace.

    Read more in her splendid essay, “Are you morally superior to the Taliban?”


  2. It is unlikely that this happens much in Ireland. It most likely happens when the girls return to their native countries and parents get pressure from their families to have it done.

  3. “A report on the Journal.ie quotes AkiDwA, the network of African and migrant women in Ireland …”

    Well there’s the problem.

  4. There are some knuckle draggers who don’t welcome them but in general people do. Most people in Ireland are very decent but not absolutely everyone, of course.

    I saw someone roar the N word at a security guy one night. Disgraceful behaviour, I’m sure you’d agree?

  5. What a load of drivel.

    I know plenty of Irish, and I wouldn’t lay a quid on one of’em welcoming Africans into their country.

  6. The Mayor of Portlaoise happens to have come from Nigeria originally. There are Irish people who welcome immigrants and those who don’t. having a history of immigrating elsewhere there are plenty of irish who are welcoming themselves.

  7. Multiculturalism is code word for war on Whites. In a very real sense, Africa is for Africans, Asia is for Asians, Israel is for Jews, White Societies are for Everyone!

    There is clear social engineering going on by our Rulers to attack White Heritage, Culture and Homelands. It is not Racist to oppose non-White immigration. It is entirely ‘Natural’ and common sense. All races have the right to preserve and propagate themselves. The non-White immigration policy into all White Societies is destructive and racist. The unique biodiversity of White Western Civilization is being subverted and destroyed. The White race is being made to die out, only 9% of humankind now. Again, we must ask; Who does this benefit?

  8. I know an African who performs laser eye surgery in Dublin. That is one welcome guy!

  9. Black pride is OK and encouraged. Asian pride is OK and encouraged, Brown pride is OK and encouraged, Jewish pride is OK and encouraged, Gay pride is OK and encouraged, White pride is not OK and is Racist!

  10. There’s very little one can say about this horror that the civilised world has invited into its midst, except to observe that historically ‘human nature’ has its own way of wreaking vengeance when the opportunity so arises.

  11. The immigrants themselves are not to blame. There should be no vengeance wreaked upon them. We must dis-empower those who are wreaking the vengeance upon us: the Puppet Masters, not the actors.

  12. Who mentioned immigration, Robert? I’m talking about cultural primitivism that debases the whole of human society. Until it is stopped violently.

  13. Advocating violence is unacceptable and sounds quite primitive. You should watch your language otherwise it might be interpreted as ‘hate speech’.

  14. Robert – boy are you slow off the mark. FGM and killing children because they are possessed by ‘evil spirits’ is degenerate primitivism, and any civilised society will react violently against it for its own protection, whether you approve or not.

  15. Sure I follow you now. That is exactly why ‘Multiculuralism’ should be stopped dead in its tracts. The rulers responsible for non- white immigration into White societies should be immediately dis-empowered. This immigration policy is disastrous to all involved, except of course, the rulers causing the destruction of White Societies.

  16. Male Genital Mutilation is also degenerate and primitive. This practice should also be outlawed in Ireland, as well as the Jewish practice of live chicken swirling.

  17. Petr

    How many Africans should be allowed to immigrate into Ireland say over the next 25 years? On what basis?

    Be precise please.

  18. “Male Genital Mutilation is also degenerate and primitive. This practice should also be outlawed in Ireland, as well as the Jewish practice of live chicken swirling.”

    Oh, man Bobby. The next thing you’ll want banned is dwarf bowling. You’re a kiljoy ole buddy.

    And Petr,

    It’s rare, but in this case I agree with you. The More Africans in Ireland the better.

    The Irish deserve them.

  19. Amazing how this thread deteriorated when a certain breed of people started commenting.

    This practice is barbaric. Anyone found engaging in it should be locked up and, if not an Irish citizen, deported. I would have thought though that if this practice ever did happen here it would already have constituted an offence.

  20. Mourne – the practice is barbaric as is the culture which brought it to Ireland and the primitive people whose culture it is. Certain people here believe that such primitives are welcome in Ireland so I merely wish to establish whether such belief is supported and why the Irish want more Africans in their country.

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