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Foreign passport stamped with permission to stay in Britain

Here’s an interesting admission by someone who was at the heart of the last Labour Government which CONFIRMS what some of us have been saying for years…

Labour ministers deliberately encouraged mass immigration to diversify Britain over the past decade, a former Downing Street adviser has claimed. Andrew Neather said the mass influx of migrant workers seen in recent years was not the result of a mistake or miscalculation but rather a policy the party preferred not to reveal to its core voters. He said the strategy was intended to fill gaps in the labour market and make the UK more multicultural, at the same time as scoring political points against the Opposition.

Say it ain’t so???

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16 thoughts on “NETHERGATE…

  1. No thread open yet on which this nugget is relevant so I’ll post it here and see if it’s picked up.


    – The Daily Texan, the student newspaper at the University of Texas, has booted cartoonist Stephanie Eisner two days after her eyebrow-raising illustration of Trayvon Martin created all kinds of controversy. Eisner’s cartoon depicted a mother reading a book about Martin to a kid with an unfortunate ‘sex-doll’ appearance. Anyway, the mom describes Martin as “the handsome, sweet innocent COLORED BOY,” a C-word that led to widespread C-riticism of Eisner, the Texan and its staff. “The decision to run the cartoon showed a failure in judgment,” the Texan’s editorial board wrote. “We sincerely apologize for publishing the cartoon and for the harm that decision caused.” –

    Take a look at the cartoon – it’s excellent and whatever the actual events which lead to Martin’s death, the race sector will claim more victims.

  2. Harris

    That tortured logic exists in this country up too among professional blacks in the Race Industry

  3. Ed West is correct.

    Political “anti-racism” is a Marxist concept which teaches that racism is a matter of power and, therefore, blacks cannot be racist to whites.

  4. I wonder what that concept thinks of Black v Asian racism which is if anything even more blatant than other types.

  5. In the UK, the last time I looked, and where I lived, had a massive Asian come Muslim population, and us ‘whites’ were refered to as ‘Gora’ (slang for a white person) or otherwise knowm as ‘Pinkies’ .. but that’s absolutley fine apparently?

  6. Black vs Korean and other black anti Asian racism has existed here also, and it has been ugly at times

  7. Straw-woman alert! You can always dig up a deranged extremist to smear a view you oppose. And the Daily Mail is dedicated to fossil fuels as one of its many crusades. Others include hatred of foreigners, single mothers, gays, all muslims, all trade unions and of course anyone to the left of Cameron. And I do mean hatred. Hate is its fundamental core value.

  8. I think that the Daily Mail has it about right:


    – In many discussions in the last 30 years, climate change has been seen as either a hoax or fixable with minimal political or economic intervention, said Norgaard, author of the book “Living in Denial: Climate Change, Emotions and Everyday Life” (2011, MIT Press). “This kind of cultural resistance to very significant social threat is something that we would expect in any society facing a massive threat,” she said. The discussion, she said, is comparable to what happened with challenges to racism or slavery in the U.S. South. –

  9. Allan

    Just to be clear, are you arguing:

    (a) Temperatures have not risen and icecaps have not retreated in the past 150 years, it’s all bullshit, or

    (b) Temperatures have risen and ice caps have retreated, but CO2 emissions have ***k all to do with it and we can carry on burning fossil fuels at an increasing rate, as we have been doing since 1800. The greenhouse effect is no more true than the tooth fairy.

  10. Peter – to equate disputing the ‘science’ of global warming, which is not conclusive, with ‘racism’ is simply idiotic. Bear in mind that this is a sociologist putting forward this nonsense and sociology is certainly not a science. On the matter ofa different thread ‘global warming’, that is for another thread.

  11. Keyboard problem – last sentence should read: On the matter of ‘global warming’, that is for another thread.

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