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You have to laugh at the stupidity of it all.

Parents should have the right to send their children across the border to school in the Irish Republic, Education Minister John O’Dowd has said. Mr O’Dowd was speaking to the Irish National Teachers Organisation’s annual conference in Killarney. He said parents should have the right to choose and the border should not be an issue. “People are not emigrating, they are moving across a line on a map,” he said. “Their social connections, their economic connections, their community connections, their heritage, their cultural connections all remain the same.”

Just a few points that the Minister has overlooked;

1. The curriculum is different North and South.

2. The Irish taxpayer should not be asked to pick up the bill for educating children from a different country.

3. The families wanting to send their children south should, of course, pay for it. Under no circumstances should the UK taxpayer fund their nationalist idyll.

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