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Had to laugh at the sheer gall of this.

An Assembly Member has said it would have been “negligent” not to travel to the United States on a trip which cost the taxpayer nearly £8,000.

Alban Maginness visited Washington for a major US economic conference with an official in October 2010. The three-day trip cost £7,994, including £6,278 for business class flights. But Mr Maginness, who chairs the enterprise committee at Stormont, said the visit was value for money. “I was invited by the US Secretary of State to attend the economic conference which was organised by the American government in co-operation with the Executive,” he said. “It would have been absolutely negligent on the part of myself if I hadn’t accepted that invitation,” he said.


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4 thoughts on “TROUGHERY?

  1. Any excuse to have a splendid party paid for by the taxpayers. This is a global cultural trait.

    Just look at the debacle created by the American government’s General Services Administration (GSA).

    The government’s purchasing agent – decided it was okay to spend almost $823,000 of taxpayer money to purchase a gala, “team building” conference for only 300 employees at a swank spa-casino in Las Vegas.

    President Obama’s blaming this on ………..You guessed it: Dubya!

  2. Going to Washington for an economic conference?

    Sounds like a childcare lecture given by Herod.

  3. Fair play to the TUV for only getting 1 MLA elected, thus being less of a drain on the public purse trough.


  4. DaithiO

    Fair play to the electorate for choosing such responsible politicians for whom a mere £8000 is a drop in the ocean. They are so wise.

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