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By Pete Moore On April 11th, 2012

He bounces a $500 cheque for the Utah primary entry fee.

(Come to think of it, he’s perfect government material).

10 Responses to “GINGRICH IS A BUM”

  1. but he’s going to be great vice president.

  2. No, he’s a jerk and he always will be.

  3. There’s no way Ron Paul will choose that loser for vice-president.

  4. Great win for the Arse Pete 🙂 Nailed on for third. You must be hoping that the Geordies will be fourth?

    Great to see Newton Heath lose tonight. They have had a string of outrageous referee decisions going back to January. When will we have video referees to stop this?

  5. Peter –

    It’s not over yet! Chelsea come to the Arse on Saturday week, and after that we have Stoke away. They could well be two losses.

  6. Did’t Newt’s “think tank” tank because it had no idea?
    Who’s Ron Paul again? Oh yeah, that guy with the drag queen runway show on TV. It was amusing…I saw it once and that was enough.

  7. Utah doesn’t give him the same line of credit that he gets at Tiffany’s.

  8. A president has to trust his VP.

    And no one can trust this guy.

  9. Whatever role he plays, Gingrich will continue to make solid, valuable contributions to the Conservative cause and Republican victory nationwide. Same goes for Ron Paul.

  10. Newt will continue to pimp his ” historian ” knowledge on the beltway as the king of the Beltway Bandits.

    If he were more of a disciplined personality, he could make for a great TV or Radio discussion host. He’s no dummy, thats fer sure.

    Ron Paul will continue to be a backbencher from south Texas, but his followers will nonetheless revere him as a god of some sort.