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Get this;

“It looked like a major  emergency – 25 firemen standing at the water’s edge assessing the life-threatening situation before them. Stranded 200ft out and struggling for survival was the victim they had come to rescue…a seagull.  And if that scenario were not ludicrous enough, there was worse to come. The firemen were then barred from going into the 3ft-deep water because it was judged to be a health and safety risk.  As crews from five fire engines stood beside the pond in South London for up to an hour, it fell to a member of the public to pull on his waders and rescue the bird, which was caught up in a plastic bag.”

'Ridiculous': Bird centre voluteer Adam Briddock came to the rescue

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  1. The job of a cop or a fireman is to go into harm’s way.

    The best of them take enormous pride in doing just that.

  2. You have a ( supposed ) Conservative government.

    What are they doing about things like this?

  3. Phantom –

    We’re about to enter the 15th year of New Labour government.

    In true bureauvratic fashion, this government is doing something about things like this. It has convened “a panel of experts”, chaired by the head of the Health & Safety Executive and tasked with providing “quick advice to members of the public who are concerned about “ridiculous” decisions”.

    Since it’s called The Myth Busters Challenge Panel (I kid you not) I think it’s advisable to not get our hopes up about what it will achieve. I expect it to disappear into history and irrelevence immediately. From the link:

    Chris Grayling, the employment minister, said that “daft” decisions were often the result of “jobsworth” staff, rather than any legal requirements.

    “We want people who are told they cannot put up bunting or they cannot play conkers to know that there is no basis in law for such rulings,” he said.

    Now what have I been saying?! When a council parasite tells you that you can’t prune some roses without first doing a risk analysis and wearing a welder’s helmet, or that you have to wear a hi-viz jacket to walk the dog, the only appropriate response is short, sharp and ends with “- off, you tosser!”

    Government and those within it cannot act without specific, lawful authority. If they cannot tell you what law under which they are acting then they should be sent packing.

    As for the post, let’s chew over that again. Twenty five fireman stood around for an hour watching a seagull flap about because they were told not to wade through a few feet of standing water.

    Not so long ago a man drowned in a couple of feet of water while firemen stood watching because they too were told not to go in.

    Yes, this demonstrates exactly the kind of wimp who flourishes in government today and where the power lies. Firemen are the kind of men who went about the world taking the blessings of British Civilisation to a load of people who, frankly, didn’t deserve it.

    The bureaucrats who impose the rules on them are Guardian readers who get promoted by going on the courses. This is now a captured country under occupation of a bureaucracy who kills life, energy, initiative and responsibility.

  4. Is there evidence that other fire and police forces in Europe have gone down the road of this ” learned helplessness “?

    This is genuinely hard to understand. And I wouldn’t think that it makes the men any safer.

    Cops and fire tend to be very proud men who take their sense of duty seriously. This must be so disturbing to them.

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