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A German civil servant has admitted that he “did nothing for 14 years” in frank retirement email sent to colleagues. The man, aged 65, sent a farewell message to 500 colleagues on his retirement day after learning his job was axed due to cuts. In the email round robin to other civil servants in Menden, in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia, he boasted that he had earned £613,000 (745,000 euros) for doing no work. “Since 1998, I was present but not really there. So I’m going to be well prepared for retirement – Adieu,” he wrote, in an email leaked to the Westfalen-Post newspaper. The admission that a civil servant could be paid for 14 years without doing any work is embarrassing for Germany because it is leading calls for austerity cuts to the public sector in eurozone countries such as Greece and Spain.

I wonder if there are those working for the State in the UK that could give him a  run for his money in utter indolence?

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